My pets are full of ghosts.

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Countless ghosts roared out of the house, blocking the sun, and the dense resentment that was about to condense into substance froze the wind, and the whole village fell into a breathless silence. Zhu Jiangyan attracted the most resentful ghost among them and put the immortal power into its consciousness. She saw the sand. From the north, the wild sand swept all over the sky. Wherever it passed, the flesh and blood of people and livestock turned into yellow sand. The more people died, the stronger the wind became. By the time it reached this small village, the wind had become a tornado. Somehow, it stayed in this village and stopped moving. And in this wind and sand, there is a huge shadow. The shadow was crying and roaring, covering its ears and shouting at the top of its lungs: "It has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me!"! Prince, please let me go, I don't want to be like them, please let me go! Zhu Jiangyan narrowed his eyes and saw a strange beast condensed by yellow sand in the middle of the wind and sand. Its limbs were constantly cut to pieces, and the yellow sand was constantly reorganized. In front of it stood a man,Iron Nail Making Machine, facing the bitter wind, carrying a cold knife. It's Jin Li. She heard Jin Li laugh softly and coldly. "What does it matter if it has nothing to do with you?" She asked. He raised his head, waved his long knife in his hand, and with great momentum, he opened up the wind and sand and split the beast in half. She heard Jin Li say, "I want your soul, not your loyalty." The beast was cut off at the waist and fell to the ground crying in pain. Yellow sand kept falling from its body,Automatic Nail Making Machine, which was like its flesh and blood. It opened its eyes angrily and roared at Jin Li: "You will have retribution!"! Heaven has been destroyed and no longer exists. Your father and mother both died tragically. Your sister was humiliated to marry the immortal official you looked down upon at the beginning. Your nephew was stripped of all his cultivation by his father and thrown into the polar region of the Western Wilderness to feed the ferocious beasts. Your family is doomed to a miserable end! "It's a pity that my retribution will come later than yours." With a hint of sarcasm, Jin Li put the knife to the neck of the strange beast and said, "Go and make amends to my father and mother.". Oh, that's right. He raised his eyebrows and slowly cut the knife into the beast's throat. "You don't deserve to go to that place after you die." Jin Li cut off the head of the strange beast, waiting for the strange beast to swallow its last breath and pull its soul out of the corpse. Somehow, the soul infected with his magic power had no body, only a dark shadow on the ground, standing on the side of Jin Li with his hands down. Jin Li straightened up and cast his eyes at Zhu Jiangyan. The dream was broken in an instant. Zhu Jiangyan heard a voice calling her to wake up. She pulled her consciousness out of the dream, opened her eyes, and saw her worried eyes. Miss, you scared me to death! The Awakening of Insects was so anxious that she turned pale. Seeing that she finally woke up, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, she dared to breathe a sigh of relief: "How did you get a nightmare again?" Zhu Jiangyan waved his hand and covered his head in silence. For the first time, she had a splitting headache after the dream. She did not know, after she left the dream, the dream of the scene, Jin Li's eyes on the original location of Zhu Jiangyan in the rear. There was a stretch of yellow sand, and in the distance lay another huge strange beast, like a tiger or a leopard, whose wings vibrated and startled the clouds, staring at Jin Li with vigilance and fear. Qiongqi? Jin Li put away his sword and looked at it. "Did you come out of the Western Wilderness?" He asked? ” Qiongqi stared at Jinli suspiciously. "If you're not the king, who are you?" He shouted, breathing heavily. "Your Majesty?" Jin Li raised his eyebrows, and for the first time his frozen face melted a little chill. His eyebrows softened for a moment: "Is that the boy?" He looked at Qiongqi with a clear look and laughed. "Yes, it's very good to be scattered and become the Lord of the Western Wilderness." Jin Li's eyes turned to the place where Zhu Jiangyan was just now, and his eyes were dim and uncertain. When Zhu Jiangyan woke up, he had a headache. Worried that she was sick, the Awakening of Insects helped her to lie down and hurried out to look for a doctor. As soon as he went out, he saw Mrs. Murong coming with Xiaoyue. Seeing that she was in a hurry, he asked, "What's the matter? Are you in such a hurry?" "Madam!" The Awakening of Insects saluted at once and said, "Miss suddenly has a headache. I'm going to look for a doctor." Hearing that Zhu Jiangyan was not feeling well, Mrs. Murong walked quickly into the room with a heavy face. When she entered the room, she saw Zhu Jiangyan lying on the bed with a pale face. She gasped with fear and sat down on the edge of the bed and asked, "What's wrong?"? Wasn't it all right yesterday? Now they are not in the house, if you come back, after you find this look, also have to put them this group of strange beasts into the jar as bacon to pickle? Mrs. Murong was burning with anxiety. She was about to get up when Zhu Jiangyan held her hand. Zhu Jiangyan shook his head at her. Mrs. Murong understood and said to Xiaoyue, "you accompany the Awakening of Insects to find the doctor. I am here." "Thank you, madam!" Thank you Awakening of Insects and go out with Xiaoyue. Zhu Jiangyan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'm fine. I just had a dream. When I woke up, I suffered a little disaster. It doesn't matter." "What dream can lead to disaster?" Mrs. Murong turned pale. Zhu Jiangyan shook his head and did not answer. Mrs. Murong sighed and said, "My little ancestor, you mustn't make any mistakes. Otherwise, otherwise.." "Or what?" Zhu Jiangyan raised his interest and asked. Mrs. Murong looked at her clear eyes and swallowed the words abruptly. She didn't have the heart to expose the true face of her monarch. "Do you want me to give you some Reiki?" She said kindly. "No, I'll sleep for a while." Zhu Jiangyan lay down and looked at Mrs. Murong still sitting on the edge of the bed. Her face softened a little. She couldn't help being curious and asked, "How did you follow Rong Yu?" Remembering what the emperor had said in collusion with him, Mrs. Murong replied with a sincere face, "I was humiliated when I was in the polar region of the Western Wilderness. Once, when I was dying,Automatic nail machine, it was Rong.." She choked and mustered up her courage to read out the name of the king: "Rong Yu saved me and took me in, so I followed him." "Have you had a hard time?" Zhu Jiangyan asked with a frown, remembering the empty immortal power in his body.
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