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Li Junhao did not look back, he still looked sullenly at the soldiers inside the prison began to quickly assemble, serious standby, the first class battle bell sounded in the prison at the same time. The voice is very harsh. This voice not only shocked the local armed police and police in Yunhai City, but also alarmed the leaders of the municipal party committee. He now knows that his actions have alarmed the Central Military Commission. I tell you, I give you five minutes, I want to see your supreme commander, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude. Now Li Junhao has long lost the calmness that a soldier should have. He said loudly: "You have to listen clearly. I only give you five minutes. Don't think that you have heavy weapons and equipment so that I can throw rats and avoid weapons. I tell you that you can't take these things on the scene." As soon as his words were over, his face was sullen, and he began to raise his wrist to see the time. The guard at the gate had been standing by for a long time. Unfortunately, the telephone in the office could not be connected. At this time, no one knew what to do. However, as soldiers, they had to defend their territory. Prison was an important military place. Its unique position had unique rights. They could say that as long as they persevered, they would win. In front of such a strong army, how long can they support, and can reinforcements arrive? When will the superior's order come down? The captain of the guard on duty team is now like an ant on a hot pan. However, anxiety is also deep in his heart. On the surface, he is still as calm as water. He said loudly: "Chief, we can't get in touch with the director now. Should you give us some time to get in touch with the director and then have a good talk with you?" We both belong to the Chinese People's Liberation Army. How can we aim a gun at our chest,Nail machine supplier, right? Li Junhao thought about it and said loudly, "Well, I only want one person now. You give this person to me, and we will leave immediately. I, Li Junhao, will naturally apologize to you in person. How about that?" When the captain of the guard team heard this, he said to himself, "Are you going to break out of prison?" He pondered for a moment,wire nail machine manufacturers, then looked at the soldiers outside with a large number of heavy weapons, his heart was very anxious, asked a guard soldier next to him: "Have not contacted the director?" "No, the director's cell phone has been turned off and can't be contacted at all. The office guards don't know where the director has gone. By the way, we didn't see the director leave when we stood guard." "Chief, our leader is not here, we have no right to release him!" "I know you have no right to release people, but I ask you to open the gate now. In order to avoid firing, I tell you that there are still four minutes left." Li Junhao is also riding a tiger now, thirty soldiers all have a headache, and still unconscious, if in the extension of time, I'm afraid it will die like this, for Li Junhao who loves soldiers like children, that is unbearable! Now he raised his wrist to look at the time again, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,wire nail making machine, and then said to several combat company commanders standing beside him: "Now we start to carry out electronic jamming. Any communications will be cut off. When the war starts, we will first solve the two blockhouses. Have we brought all the heavy weapons?" "Report regimental commander, all brought, rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, small mountain mortars, and so on, yes, regimental commander, there are many secret strongholds, although our equipment is relatively good, but the terrain inside the prison is very unfamiliar, if you want to control the whole prison in the first time, I'm afraid it will take a long time." It is suggested that three helicopters be dispatched to conduct fire reconnaissance inside the prison, and that some soldiers of the reconnaissance company be allowed to go in and carry out a pincer attack inside and outside, as well as a coordinated air and ground attack, which can strive to solve all the battles within 15 minutes. "The commander of the fifth company said seriously.". Without thinking, Li Junhao said: "The helicopter was transferred, and the punishment order of the Central Military Commission came down, ordering all the soldiers to start preparing for battle immediately …" .. Try to solve the battle in ten minutes. … .. First, an artillery attack The machine gunner led the way and charged behind. "As soon as he had finished speaking, he took a heavy machine gun.". He rolled up his sleeves and lifted the machine gun. Yes "That's right, order five snipers. I want them to shoot down six lights in the prison at the first time. Artillery fire will hit their power supply equipment. At the same time, artillery fire will extend to the heavy prison area, creating chaos and passing on my orders." "Yes" "Attention all, as long as the gun in my hand is fired, it is the order to attack, our task is to save more than 30 of our dying comrades, ready or not, there are three minutes before the deadline …" With the sound of a few rising and falling commands, all kinds of weapons began to come out, oh my God! The soldiers were all miniature submachine guns, ten shoulder-fired rocket launchers, a dozen machine gunners, and five snipers hidden in the opposite building. Three minutes! …… Zhou Jingyun, the director of the sixth prison, turned off all the communication equipment. After talking to the mysterious old man, he began to think about how to create an opportunity to assassinate Hua Zishu in the prison. At this time, a harsh alarm sounded in the whole prison. He was greatly startled. His heart said: "***, who is on duty? Are your hands trembling? At this time, someone attacked the prison." Don't you want to live? Zhou Jingyun cursed out of the room and walked outside. At that moment, a flustered soldier saw Zhou Jingyun. He didn't even report much. He said anxiously, "Director, our gate is surrounded by a large group of soldiers!" Zhou Jingyun is stupefied, serious ask: "Why?" Soldier says: "I also do not know, the other side is a regimental commander, he asks to talk directly with you,Coil nail machine, the deadline that gives us is 3 minutes, if we cannot find you again, he wants ..” "What does he want?" Zhou Jingyun said angrily as he walked. They'll call in! 。 3shardware.com
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