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In addition, the subcutaneous fat on the forehead is thick, so that creases appear. Because this is where the large intestine meridian passes, it can be asserted that there are more lesions in the large intestine of this person. The cheeks on both sides of the chin are thick, which is also a problem of the large intestine meridian. Higher parts near the ears are thicker, which is the problem of the small intestine meridian; front cheeks, under the eyes and both sides of the nose are thicker, which is caused by stomach problems. Wait. They are all diagnostic methods based on this theory of obesity. In our experience, when the blood qi of the human body rises to the stage of Yang deficiency, the body will begin to repair various organs, and when the organs are repaired, the garbage of the corresponding meridians will begin to be discharged. Some people used to have a thick layer of garbage under their scalp, which felt soft. After several times of gastrointestinal cleaning (carried out by the body itself), the garbage on the top of the head was discharged, leaving a thin layer of skin. Another example is that most of our friends who accept our three strokes, after knocking the gallbladder meridian for a period of time, a layer of fat arched on the outside of the thigh disappears. That is, after the increase of Qi and blood and the dredging of the gallbladder meridian, the garbage accumulated on the gallbladder meridian will be discharged. If that garbage is the energy stored by the human body, the human body should not easily discharge it. Not only fat people will have garbage accumulation, there are some thin people, because the lung gas is weak, the body can not absorb water,phycocyanin spirulina, drink water is not distributed to various organs directly out. If the person also has the problem of spleen deficiency, the body will accumulate a lot of garbage, but the water in the garbage is very little, most of the garbage is in a state of water loss, dry and flat, looks not fat, feels very strong, black and thin. Once this kind of person takes good care of himself,pumpkin seed extract, when the body's blood gas rises to the level of Yang deficiency and begins to have the ability to remove garbage, he will quickly fill the garbage with water so that it can flow between the tissues of the body so that it can be discharged from the body. Therefore, in a very short period of time, the weight of this person will rise sharply and the volume will expand rapidly. We have encountered such an example, in just a few months, the patient gained dozens of kilograms, and his arm was more than twice as thick. From a black and thin man, he became white and fat. Because there are many problems in this person's stomach and intestines, the body must be cleared with these organ problems, so it takes a long time to lose weight. Although weight loss has not been the main service in the past so many years, we can observe the changes of these garbage in the body in many different patients. Convince us that obesity is not the result of eating too much, but of eating too little. Spleen deficiency is the main constitution of obesity. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen governs transportation and transformation, in which "transport" means to transport water. When the ability of the spleen is insufficient, that is, when the human body is in the state of "spleen deficiency" in traditional Chinese medicine, lycopene for skin ,akba boswellic acid, the ability of the human body to transport waste water is insufficient. When the capacity of the spleen is insufficient, the body fluid in the meridians of the human body is not easy to flow, and the pericardium is easy to produce effusion, which makes the capacity of the heart insufficient. The heart is the pump of human blood. When the pump lift is insufficient, the vitality of the whole body is reduced, and the natural waste can not be discharged. The main cause of spleen deficiency is that the maintenance system of the body is overworked, which occurs only when the human body is injured or invaded by bacteria. The most vulnerable part of the human body to bacterial infection is, of course, the dirtiest intestines and stomach. Because the constitution of spleen deficiency is mostly formed in childhood, in our experience, we also find that the root of many diseases is directly and closely related to the living habits of childhood. When a baby is born, the body is usually very clean, there are not too many bacteria in the body, and the defense system is very sensitive, when foreign bacteria invade, it will immediately respond to symptoms such as diarrhea or gastroenteritis. People's traditional idea always thinks that this is because the child's resistance is weak, in fact, on the contrary, the child's reaction at this time is the real healthy reaction. This kind of infection mostly comes from the saliva of adults. There are many kinds of bacteria in the saliva of adults, which is a great threat to young children. One or two gastrointestinal infections will not cause too many problems, but persistent infections will soon consume children's blood gas energy, so that children lose their resistance to bacteria, the ability of the spleen is declining, forming a spleen deficiency constitution. From the appearance, because there is no longer resistance, there are no symptoms of gastroenteritis or diarrhea. The traditional idea is that at this time, children's resistance is enhanced and they are healthier. In fact, at this time, the blood gas is lower and the body has no ability to resist. At this time, children will gradually become fat, and easy to drool "phenomenon", these "phenomena" are actually the real symptoms of spleen deficiency. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when the spleen is weak, there will be symptoms of "spleen without muscle", the muscles of the lips have no strength, and children are not consciously controlled like adults, so they are easy to drool. Most of these children who are easily infected by adult saliva are more loved by adults, so they are often fed with food that adults have touched. When they gradually gain weight and drool a little, they become more innocent and lovely, and get more adult love, of course, the more infected they are. Most of the lovely children who often visit the neighborhood grow up to be fat. Moreover, because these children are in a state of insufficient blood gas energy from an early age, it is not easy for them to grow too tall in the future and form a short and fat body. This is the most typical example of "love is enough to harm", and it happens every day in many places. These children have different degrees of gastrointestinal problems. The more serious ones become fat when they are very young; the less serious ones do not become fat until they are older; and some even become fat in middle age. Some women gain weight after pregnancy and childbirth, because they already have the constitution of spleen deficiency, coupled with insufficient blood gas, the slow recovery of the wound after childbirth, making the spleen more weak, causing pericardial obstruction, postpartum obesity. Most people who get fat have a constitution of spleen deficiency. Bacterial infections in the intestines and stomach are the main cause. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m The 3rd,turmeric extract powder, reduce weight-2 increase the energy of the body, it is the first lesson that reduce weight. Novel "t (xT//Tian, Tang/.".
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