Blood beads of Fanlin

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Then he said with a smile, "Well, as long as you do it, I'll write it on the wall for you, but.." After a pause, he said sarcastically, "If you do a good job, if you are appreciated by the Fifth Patriarch, if you get the vestments of Bodhidharma Patriarch, and if you pass on the mantle and become the Sixth Patriarch, how about you take me, a layman, out of this boundless sea of suffering first?" The man surnamed Lu did not answer, but nodded slightly. The official was even more amused, so he personally took the pen and ink, polished the ink, dipped it in the pen, and rolled up his sleeve and said, "Are you ready?"? Read it out and let the officer write it! Say so in the mouth, but feel funny in the heart, write his nonsense his so-called verse next to the verse on the seat of Shenxiu, which is undoubtedly the joke of all the monks in the temple. The man read unhurriedly: Bodhi is not a tree. The mirror is not a platform. There is nothing,eye cream packaging tube, Where to stir up dust. When the official finished writing the last word, he was so surprised that he could not speak for a long time. He only threw the brush in his hand and worshipped it. In the past, when the monks saw the official master worshipping the servants who were pounding the rice, they all rushed over to have a look. As soon as they saw the words on the wall, they immediately caused a sensation. Some kneel down and kowtow, saying, "Living Bodhisattva.." Hongren, the Fifth Patriarch, heard the sound and came. As soon as he saw the words,empty cosmetic tubes, he knew that he had thoroughly understood the Dharma. He clearly expressed that the "epiphany" of becoming a Buddha was a high realm. The joy in his heart was indescribable. However, how can a man surnamed Lu, who is powerless and in a low position, resist a rich and powerful man of practice? And if any attempt is made against him, his life will be in danger. As soon as the Fifth Patriarch changed his mind, he took off his shoes and wiped them from the wall. "What's the noise?" He shouted? This is in general, not seeing the nature? Then he walked away without looking back. When the monks heard what the Fifth Patriarch had said, many of them began to laugh again. They immediately pointed and poked at each other, laughing at the words. It was not worth making a fuss about. Some people had misgivings and felt that the words of the Fifth Patriarch had gone too far, but they did not dare to speak out and dispersed one by one. The next day, the Fifth Patriarch quietly came to the house, knocked three times on the stone mill with a bamboo stick, and turned away without saying a word. The man surnamed Lu understood his meaning and secretly came to see the Fifth Patriarch in the middle of the night. The Fifth Patriarch then granted Bodhidharma Patriarch's vestments to the man, saying: "This is the precious garment of Bodhidharma Patriarch. Generations of Patriarchs have passed on the Dharma on the basis of this. Now this garment is passed on to you. You are the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism." Master Hongren also ordered him to leave here overnight, so as not to be hunted down and robbed of precious clothes. He had to go to the south to hide for ten years before he could come out to preach. That night, eye cream packing tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, Master Hongren personally sent him to Jiujiangyi and sent him to the boat by the Yangtze River. After he left, the monks guessed that the Fifth Patriarch had passed the mantle to him. Many monks quietly left the temple and chased him in several ways to kill the man and rob him of his vestments. After that, the pursuers emerged one after another, and the man surnamed Lu could not live in peace in Caoxi, so he had to flee into the mountains and make a living among the hunters. Fifteen years later, he felt that it was time to promote Zen Buddhism, so he came to Faxing Temple in Guangzhou and was tonsured in the temple. His Buddhist name was Huineng. Fang Wen of Faxing Temple held Huineng in high esteem and gave up his previous views on Buddhism, followed Huineng and worshipped him as a disciple. In the third year after Huineng went down the mountain, the Fifth Patriarch passed away. Master Shenxiu came to Yuquan Mountain in Dangyang, Jingzhou to preach the Dharma and became famous. Empress Wu Zetian respectfully invited Shenxiu to the capital and treated him with great courtesy. Like this The Northern Sect was formed. Huineng, the Sixth Patriarch, became the Southern Sect. Wu Zetian invited Huineng to the capital several times, but was rejected by the Sixth Patriarch. Most of the people who believed in the Northern Sect were dignitaries, while the Southern Sect, adhering to the principle that Bodhidharma did not establish words and became Buddhas, was mostly believed by the gentry and the common people. After that, Huineng's successor, Master Shenhui, debated with Zen Buddhism endlessly. After Bodhidharma Patriarch's vestments were presented to the Emperor, Shenhui was no longer called the Seventh Patriarch. He struggled to promote Huineng Nanzong as Bodhidharma orthodoxy, so he was repeatedly assassinated and was in danger. After the An Lushan and Shi Siming Rebellion, the Northern Sect was gradually destroyed, and the Southern Sect gained the upper hand, spreading more and more widely, regardless of the north and south. However, there are still some people who believe in the Northern Sect, which is the reason for the death of the abbot of Daxing Temple. The fourth chapter is that I don't know you. Zhiye not only heard Master Fa Xuan talk about the origin of the dispute between the North and the South Zen, but also talked about his life experience. The Lazy Monk told the temple supervisor that Zhiye was adopted by a farmer surnamed Chen in the western suburb of Zhengding County. Tomono was just over two years old at the time, and the parents who raised him were killed. According to the Lazy Monk, who his biological parents were was a complete muddle. He took Zhiye from Dingxian County to Wutai and entrusted it to a family of mountain people. When he was five years old, he led others to the temple. The only thing left by the parents is a sachet. Tomono was dumbfounded. The master never told him about his life experience. As for the sachet, he did carry one on his body. The master asked him to wrap it in several layers of cloth and sew it with a needle. He told him to keep it and not to lose it. Master Fa Xuan sighed with emotion: "I didn't expect that Master Lazy didn't even tell me about your birth. However, there must be a reason for this. Master Lazy is a very ordinary person. The poor monk and others were all wrong." Originally, after talking about the dispute between the North and the South in Zen Buddhism, Master Fa Xuan was ready to part with him and ask him where he was going. He said he had no place to go, and he didn't know who his parents were or where his hometown was. It is precisely because of the similar life experience that this leads to what the master just said. But it could be heard that his lazy master was also vague about the temple supervisor, and the only reason for this was to wait until he saw the master and then ask. Master Fa Xuan is going to leave Mount Wutai and go to various places to investigate the situation. The behavior of Fa Jing and others in Daxing Temple is not something that one or two people dare to do. There must be someone behind them. He wants to draw the attention of all places. After parting, Zhi Ye walked and thought that he would be called Chen Ye for the time being in the future, so as not to have a surname and make people laugh. He used his flying skills to find out the direction, and in less than half an hour, he came to Taihuai Town. There was no silver or gold on his body, and his stomach was burning with hunger, so he had to go to Wang Shan's house to ask for alms. Wang Shan's family lived in the middle of the town. The sun had not yet set, and there was still an hour before dinner. He didn't care whether they had eaten or not. He went straight to Wang Shan's family. As soon as I entered the door, I met Wang San, a servant. Did the wild brother come to beg for food again? Wang San asked with a smile. She blushed and said, "Wang Shanren, please." "Isn't it too early for the wild brother to come?" Wang Shanren's sons, Wang Hongzhi and Wang Xiaolian, accompanied by a young girl,plastic cosmetic tubes, were coming out of the courtyard, just in time to see him, and could not help but stop.
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