Recommend [comprehensive] the salted fish of power supremacy

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Ding Dong, the mobile phone rings. Aya Koji Kiyotaka takes out the mobile phone from his pocket. On the screen of the mobile phone is an unknown number. A strange mouse icon is displayed in the position of the head portrait. Aya Koji Kiyotaka hangs up directly and then begins to clean up the room. During this period, I don't know how many times the ring rings. It wasn't until the room was tidied up that Ayakoji Kiyotaka picked it up as if he remembered his cell phone. Hello, I'm Ayakoji Kiyotaka. "It's hard to talk to you once." The opposite person gave a low laugh. "Do you like the gift I gave you?"? Although I don't know why the little girl was so persistent with you, I just showed her the way. You won't be angry, will you? Ayakoji Kiyotaka lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. "Is there anything else?"? If not, I'll hang up. "It's almost time to test each other, so I'm here to invite you. Do you want to try to cooperate?" Fyodor sat on the floor looking at the computer screen, with a little dark circles under his eyes. The pale light shone on his face, making him even paler and weaker. If he was put together with a critically ill patient at the moment, no one could tell him clearly. He clicked on the keyboard and the screen quickly searched for the location of the call. Oh Ayakomichi Kiyotaka rolled over. "What do you want to cooperate with?" "There is a power organization offering a reward of 7 billion for the White Tiger. Yes, it is your companion who has the White Tiger power. If you agree, we can divide the money 50-50." Fyodor narrowed his eyes slightly, as if he were abducting a child. "What do you think,spill plastic pallet, Ayakomi-san?" Ayakoji Kiyotaka sat up from the bed? Is it? Offer a reward. You should go to Mr. Tae-jae for such a thing. "Dazai-kun will only follow the communication signal to dig out my position." Fyodor's voice was melodious, with a strange charm. "Ayakomi-kun, I think I believe you to invite you." "Including the fact that you're testing my position right now?" With a click, the computer screen went black. Fyodor leaned over the desk and looked at the dark screen. "Did you find it?" "After all, your reasons are so bad." "If you ask me, there is no bad reason in this world,heavy duty plastic pallet, as long as this reason is embodied, then this is the most real starting cause." Fyodor lay directly back on the floor, his furry coat separating his body from the floor, but there was still an unstoppable coolness seeping into his body. Ayakomichi Kiyotaka thought for a moment, "are you offering a reward of 7 billion?" "Of course not. I don't have so much money, but it's true." Fyodor smiled and said, "Ayakomi-kun, whether you care or not, the White Tiger's powers have a reward of 7 billion, and the Port Mafia has begun to act for this reward." "Why are you telling me?" "Because I am an intelligence officer, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet manufacturer, as an intelligence officer, I need to make friends. This is my sincerity to make friends with Aya Koji." Fyodor lowered his voice. Ayakoji Kiyotaka said calmly, "I'm really sorry. Before you said that, I had already transferred the call to Mr. Tae-jae." "Alas?"? That's too much. Fyodor said with a smile, "It turns out that Ayakoro-kun doesn't believe me at all. It's really sad." "After all, sir, you didn't come to me with good intentions." Both sides were silent for three seconds, then hung up the phone together, with a little disgust on their faces. It's impossible to say whether he will participate in the game. Fyodor got up from the ground. "Although he said it was cold and heartless, what if it was the kind of person who was cold outside and hot inside?" Although, even he thought it was impossible. Fyodor's calculation is not how much Ayakoji Kiyotaka cares about Nakajima Atsushi, but whether he will accidentally participate in the game. He is not a member of the Armed Detective Agency, nor a member of the Port Mafia. He is just a third party natural person outside them. Throwing a card on the table, Fyodor looked at the Red King above. Really It's very interesting. ” On the other side, Ayakoji Kiyotaka stood up from the bed. He went to the window and looked at the clear sky with a little imperceptible suspicion. Seven billion, that's not a small number. Why on earth was Atsushi Nakajima offered so much money. The author has something to say: I hope you don't dislike my verbosity and listen to me. I want to talk to you about this book's CP and emotional drama, because this problem has existed since the beginning of the article, and it's my fault that I didn't make it clear at the beginning. This book is a fast-moving plot, the main line is that Lu Ge pretends to be a salted fish but fails because of various things, and the male protagonist Su Shuangshuai is the main tone, which occupies the space of the emotional line to a certain extent. Readers who want my book to have both emotional and plot lines are really sorry that this book is really the main plot. Another is the problem of CP, I belong to pure love, CP is absolutely there, basically set for Tuo Zong, but as mentioned earlier, the emotional line is relatively small and obscure, but after the end of the text I will write a main emotional line with Tuo Zong. Finally, thank you for your support. I always love you. Chapter 53 no personality detective. Before becoming a member of the Armed Detective Agency, Nakajima Atsushi and Ayakoji Kiyotaka were just orphans in an orphanage. Even he didn't know he had powers. Why was such an orphan without any sense of existence offered a reward of 7 billion yuan? This is really strange, even to the point of being inconceivable. Just then, the cell phone rang, Ayakoji Kiyotaka picked up the phone and took a look, it was Dazai. Mr. Tae-jae? "Is it Qinglong Jun?"? Do you have time to come to the detective agency now? Something's happened. Ayakoji Kiyotaka was silent for a moment. "Of course, but please tell me what happened." "It's about Atsushi Nakajima. Kiyotaka-kun should already know that there are not only armed detective agencies in Yokohama,stackable plastic pallets, but also the Port Mafia, which manages the darkness." Osamu Dazai narrowed his eyes slightly. "Someone in the black market is offering a reward of 7 billion yuan for the White Tiger's powers. Of course, the money is worth the participation of the Port Mafia." 。
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