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"The first and second teams go crazy and attack with all their strength!"! The rest are responsible for intercepting and cooperating! Pilu repeated my orders to his men in a loud voice! Immediately, the formation of the wild dragoons changed, and the first two hundred men rushed to their opponents! The rest of you split into two teams, left and right! "That's great!"! An idiot is an idiot! You don't know how to fight! When the commander of the Megalan Empire saw it, he was overjoyed and said, "Go all out to attack the front and encircle and annihilate these two hundred people first!" Under normal circumstances, the concentration of forces first to find soft to eat, his order is undoubtedly correct, but now the situation is that he chose the wrong target! The head-on 2 OO cavalry, in the mount body completed the crazy, their body burst a lot, however, because I use the goblin master specially designed armor, has a certain degree of flexibility, so the armor is still wearing on them! It's just that they can't wrap their bodies completely, and the muscles inside are exposed at the joints of the parts, but it doesn't matter! Anyway, there is such a layer of defense as fighting spirit! After the madness,wholesale plastic pallet, did not ride the dragon rushed over! Because at this time they move very fast, the dragon can not keep up with the degree of their killing! So all on the back of the dragon a borrow force, by the height of the dragon, high jump! Two hundred golden lights are blooming in the sky! When the enemies are blinded by the dazzling golden light! Into the crowd with the smell of death and killing! An ordinary dragon warrior is at least a silver level, otherwise he can't tame the dragon! After the madness, they all become gold class fighters! Two hundred gold warriors kill 1ooo people, it's so easy! It is not too much to describe the tragic situation of the forces of the Megalan Empire as falling on their backs! 1.5 meters of saber,plastic bulk containers, often a knife in the past is a man with a horse together split in half! In addition to the sword formed by fighting spirit, it is not impossible to kill three or five! A weapon wrapped in gold fighting spirit is not something that ordinary heavy armor can resist! In addition to the same level of gold fighters can resist a few times, no one else will! Even gold level masters are often incurable and are killed one after another! After all, the number of others is ten times that of him! Not to mention ten berserkers, even two berserkers can't fight alone! In contrast, the performance of the earth dragon is also quite eye-catching! These huge guys seem to feel the excitement of their master's madness! One by one, like taking stimulants, attacking the enemy crazily! Their blindfolds are removed when their owners go crazy, so that they can swing freely! First, there was a headbutt, and the horse that was hit immediately flew away and overwhelmed his companions in the back row! After they fell down, the earth dragon jumped on them and stepped on them twice! A pile of meat sauce is made! Then he flicked his tail, drum spill containment ,wholesale plastic pallet, often two or three horses, which were swept by his tail several meters long! It's definitely one piece at a time! In the end, if we count the military exploits, they are probably better than their masters! The hapless commander of the Megalan Empire was hacked to death by Piru who targeted him at the first time! Without unified command, we are faced with such an invincible enemy! This army, which should have been brilliant for a time, was humiliated and destroyed! The whole process is only a few minutes! And the poor road has finally achieved the desired goal-zero casualties! On the stumps and broken arms all over the ground, there are 2 OO warriors who have gone mad! Having lost their rivals, they did not kill each other as people imagined! Just stand where you are, gasping for breath! The other soldiers came down one after another, walked up to them, took their swords away first, then uncovered their face armor, and fed them one of my special pills! After a few seconds, they were released from the state of madness and fell into a deep sleep! This battle is quite impressive, especially the Megaland Empire, they lost me 5 OO, including those won by Kerry, even if they are a rich empire, it is already broken bones, right? No one can afford to lose like this one after another? Another gain is that the king's attitude towards me has changed substantially! Even Ishihara Kumaji is a complete bear! When we meet again, we are humble to the poor way! Want to call me-Dad! Hey! They are all snobs! Father is the most proud, the face of the glory ah! Even the emperors of the three empires are all polite now! In fact, he was also surprised at the power of my men! He had seen the dragon fighters training before! Also know fierce, but this time he saw crazy after they, just really had a terrible idea! In short, this battle, the poor way is a big show! After the seven princesses and the big prince for the time being! Become the best candidate for the Four Heroes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christmas is coming in a twinkling of an eye, and the duel is over for the time being! Everyone began to prepare for the New Year, and it was said that at this New Year's banquet, His Holiness would canonize several'Knights of Light '! This so-called'Knight of Light 'is an honorary title, which has no practical significance, but only the friendship of the church, and the selfless help of the Holy See in many things! But his selection seems to be very strict, it seems that there are only a few people in a year! The New Year's banquet was still held in the Papal Palace, and I had to admire their financial, material, and human resources. It was only in the coming days that the front palace, which I had burned down, had taken on a new look! Although the palace has not yet been built, but the ruins are gone,plastic pallet supplier, the traces of the fire are also eliminated! Vegetation has been transplanted in the empty space, as if it were a garden! I guess they set it up temporarily for this banquet and the selection of saints in the future! After this time, we must demolish and rebuild the palace! Hey! How much people's fat and ointment have to be wasted! cnplasticpallet.com
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