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Yang Haoxuan guessed that if the Western Paradise had not been worried about being taken advantage of by others when invading the Tianhe mainland, the Tianhe mainland would have fallen long ago. Then, he said that the sandstorm was not only a big world of wind and sand, where the world, according to Yunxia Xianzun, the ground was all sandstorms that would not disperse, and all the people in that world lived underground. As for the last divine world, Yang Haoxuan called them Birdman directly because they had wings. These information say go out, the star outside hundred more convinced, also realize the seriousness of the matter, watch each other, and then take out the book one after another, hand over to Yang Haoxuan. Yang Haoxuan caught open, inside the book, there is a model of a planet and geographical location, as well as the characteristics of the planet and other attributes, hundreds of planets after the book was read by Yang Haoxuan. For the stars of the universe, Yang Haoxuan is also like the palm of his hand, before this, Yang Haoxuan did not even know the route back to Tianhe mainland, but now it is different, countless information and information appear in his mind, this is what he needs, otherwise, the plan can not be achieved at all. It took an hour for Yang Haoxuan to count the information completely, and in his mind, a complete outline of the universe appeared unconsciously. Subsequently, Yang Haoxuan only invited those capable star owners to enter the palace to discuss matters,plastic pallet bin, while the others waited outside. After all, the Western Paradise has been able to place Ciyun Temple in the mainland of Tianhe for so many years, and it is hard to guarantee that there will not be spies in it. Only thirty-three star masters were invited in by him, and the combined power of these star masters was enough to wipe out the entire star universe. Yang Haoxuan's plan is also very simple and direct. Armed! Armed at all costs! Each planet as a fort, in the face of invasion, can lead the enemy to the star universe. Nature, arming the planet, requires countless magic weapons. The Star Lord looked at each other, but they didn't have too many magic weapons. Without saying a word, Yang Haoxuan took out hundreds and thousands of Taoist utensils from the key of Bodhi and said, "I said I would distribute your magic weapon,plastic pallet box, and I will not break my promise.". The plan needs to be made step by step, first of all, to make your world withstand attacks, so I will use the best way to set up a defensive array on those strong planets that geography needs. An array is extremely important. When Ciyun Temple faced the attack of Zhengmo, it relied on various defensive arrays to hold back the footsteps of Zhengdao Sect. What Yang Haoxuan has to do is to make all planets more powerful than the defense of Ciyun Temple, which is the most basic, and then when he learns about the invasion plans of other worlds, he can arrange tasks in the past, so as to be prepared. Soon, however, a star owner put forward his opinion. The star owner of the Zhuge family said, "Yang, Yang Xianzun, there are many planets in the star universe that are very fragile. They can't stand the torment of the defense array, that is, they can't stand the power of the defense array." Yang Haoxuan frowned, in fact, there are many planets in the star universe that are useless. We can make the best use of everything. Suddenly, Xiaoxiao, euro plastic pallet ,collapsible bulk container, who had been staying in Yang Haoxuan's space, suddenly appeared and said, "It's good for those planets to be able to synthesize a perfect planet. If they can't be synthesized, we can set traps on them. Isn't that better?" Smile this, very reasonable, let Yang Haoxuan eyes bright, and then introduced: "This is my wife, the daughter of the devil!" " The people present were also surprised at who Xiaoxiao was, and when they heard this, they all had a flattering look on their heads, while those who had the ability to analyze nodded in agreement with Xiaoxiao's opinion. Next, Xiaoxiao acted as Yang Haoxuan's strategist, and discussed with the thirty-three star owners for three days. Work out three steps. First of all, collect all the planets outside the stars that do not work, so that it is better to lack than to abuse. In this way, the hundreds outside the stars converge into twenty outside the stars, which not only makes the power more concentrated, but also has a great effect on the whole star universe. Then, under the geographical basis of gathering into twenty outside the stars, the stars move, the planets move, and armed up, which naturally requires Yang Haoxuan to do it himself. The third step is to improve the overall quality of the twenty families outside the stars, not only strength, but also loyalty. At the beginning, many elders fled against the Heavenly Palace, but Yang Haoxuan is still depressed. Later, when they announced these, naturally many star owners were unwilling, but Yang Haoxuan did not use force directly, but instead gave something more beneficial than a planet, so that they could compromise. That's the magic weapon, a lot of magic weapons! See Yang Haoxuan's magic weapon like free throw out. Chapter 475 a hundred meetings. The next day, Yang Haoxuan is the most busy, but also before the most unimaginable days, he would not have thought that one day in the star universe to move the planet as a play. And through the movement of the planet, the law of space once again advances by leaps and bounds, more powerful than those who have broken through thousands of years of immortals. Also do not know how long, the appearance of the star universe is a new look, if someone from the Tianhe mainland, will not know today's star universe. But for Yang Haoxuan, today's star universe, like his back garden, is familiar with every tree and grass. On this day, Yang Haoxuan Zhuo stood on a meteorite, looking at the whole star universe, extremely satisfied with the nod, now, the size of each planet has reached a point, there are defensive array shelter, the surface of the past glory constantly. At the same time, Yang Haoxuan has let the star master as soon as possible to exercise the fighting capacity of his monks, after the end of the account, he is ready to go home, back to the Tianhe mainland, first rectify the inverse heavenly palace, and then command the nine veins of the evil way, and then exterminate the door of heaven, a homeopathic rule of the right path, at that time, he is the first person in history. It is also possible to arrange plans in the Tianhe continent, just like planning the star universe,plastic trash bins, and then further explore the depth of other worlds. These ideas linger in Yang Haoxuan's mind, lingering, as if eager to execute now. cnplasticpallet.com
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