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After a day of flying and driving, Anyi lay in bed and didn't want to move as soon as she arrived at the hotel. She went to take a bath and fell asleep. I slept for seven or eight hours, and my stomach was empty. I got up to find something to eat. It was midnight here, and it was daytime in China. Several male guests had jet lag and had dinner together. They had been recording variety shows for a long time, and they had a good relationship in private. Anyi heard the photographer say that other people were eating, pulling Wen Yao over to eat, in the corridor, was stopped by Zhou Aijia. Sister Ai Jia, what's wrong? Zhou Aijia handed her the mobile phone. Cover your forehead helplessly: "You are on the hot search again." Anyi said with a smile: "Did Yaoyao and I go on the hot search together?" She often publicizes Wen Yao on her micro-blog. Because her fame is not on the same level, Wen Yao will not take the initiative to send Anyi, for fear of being said to be rubbing Anyi's heat. In addition, both of them have an affair with Yan Xiao. The netizens on the Internet do not believe that they have a good relationship in private. Every time Anyi sends micro-blog, it will be discussed by netizens and defined as plastic sisters. Zhou Aijia sighed: "I won't look for you if you are on the hot search with Yaoyao. You can see who it is. Mr. Nie finally got what he wanted." Anyi took a look at the mobile phone, the first hot search side by side is Anyi Nie Yan. Click in to see the exaggerated copy of the marketing account. The reason is that she posted the video of the chorus with Wen Yao on Weibo, and some black fans commented that she sang like a pig. She now has tens of millions of fans. It's normal to have black fans. There are a lot of praise comments, and there are a lot of black fans. The problem is that Nie Yan uses his millions of fans to reply under that black fan. You sing one for me, and I will listen to whether it is like or not. Chapter 69 Anyi looked at Nie Yan's reply to the black fans and felt a pain in her brain. The netizens below were crazy and all asked if she was Nie Yan's girlfriend. The hot search has been filled with the names of Anyi and Nie Yan. The big man in the financial circle, who is also the president of the entertainment company, personally attacked the black fans for the popular first-line flow florets. The whole network is picking up the love between Anyi and Nie Yan. Anyi Yanxiao CP fans cried online that this was not true, and firmly believed that Anyi's little sister was Yanxiao. Nie Yan and Jin Ye's rotten female CP fans are crying to get rid of their fans, and the marketing numbers are picking up the hammers of Anyi and Nie Yan. Unfortunately,Thyroid Powder Factory, except for this time Nie Yan's anti-fans under Anyi's micro-blog, there is no sign that they are a couple at ordinary times. Pick to pick also pick out a picture of Anyi and Nie Yan in the video game city, the woman who can't see her face clearly in that picture was forcibly explained by the marketing number as Ji Wenqin, and now the decent analysis is Anyi. In addition, it is all the material made up by the marketing number. Although the material is false, the love between Anyi and Nie Yan is true. Nie Yan himself was on the hot search a few days ago. Basically, the whole world knows that he is in love and has a girlfriend. Now he is angry as a beauty. He is a keyboard warrior on the Internet. Before the two parties come out to admit their love, netizens have already identified them as a couple. Anyi's fans are happy that their little sister has found a real tall, rich and handsome man, and Nie Yan is also a black fan for Anyi. Her boyfriend is very powerful, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Theobromine Powder, and Anyi's fans are all gratified that her old mother has found a reliable son-in-law. As for Nie Yan's fans, their little brother has gone to the girl's Weibo to curse the street, and it seems meaningless for them not to agree. Anyi was pulled back by Zhou Aijia to discuss countermeasures. She sat on the chair. Zhou Aijia asked her, "Are you going to make it public?" Before Nie always set up a hot search with a good boyfriend at home, Zhou Aijia had a vague premonition that Nie always could not bear loneliness, but she did not expect that Nie would come to such a move. An Yi is still a little confused now, call Nie Yan, question Nie Yan why to do so. Nie Yan dare to do not dare, play dumb over there, explained that she was insulted by black fans, angry, but forgot that he was on the tuba, accidentally exposed his identity, Nie Yan is a trumpet, usually like to use the trumpet and Anyi father Anyi uncle with Anyi's black fans tear force. Anyi rubbed her swollen head and threw her cell phone to Zhou Aijia, asking Zhou Aijia to handle it for her. Zhou Aijia's original plan was to wait for Anyi to shoot a few more plays, and slowly throw out the news of Anyi's love to the outside tentatively to see the public's reaction. After all, the way the female stars in the entertainment circle took after their love was exposed would be more or less different from before. The boss suddenly came to such a hand, disrupting all her plans. When Anyi was just with Nie Yan, all of Anyi's announcements and online images were personally checked by Nie Yan. Later, in order to make Anyi popular, she let Zhou Aijia handle it. Zhou Aijia was always crisp and neat, and she was a little helpless to the boss. The point is, she doesn't know what the boss is up to. Anyi had almost slept, but because of jet lag, she was afraid of feeling sleepy when recording the program during the day, so she and Wen Yao lay in bed to catch up on their sleep. Wen Yao rarely gossips: "When are you and General Manager Nie going to get married?" Anyi put her hands on her chest, winked and said, "Actually, he and I have no plans to get married. Maybe we will get a marriage license the next day, or it may take a long time to get a marriage license. Feelings are not maintained by a marriage certificate." Wen Yao probably understood what she meant. General Manager Nie is very manly today, and he disses anti-fans for you so openly. "He has been very good," said Anyi, whose lips are gently warped. Wen Yao was forced into a mouthful of dog food and complained, "Then why did you just call and quarrel with him?" "I'm afraid he's going to push his luck and talk nonsense on the Internet. We have to discuss the announcement of our relationship in advance. I'm going to give my fans a surprise." "It's also a pleasant surprise now. How cool it is that such a big man parachutes into your Weibo without warning to vent his anger on you. Now many men are particularly weak. They love each other so much that they can't even see anyone when something really happens." Anyi smiled and said,D BHB Factory, "My brother is also a man. He is not a coward. He is very cool. Would you like to think about my brother?" For the first time in a long time, Anyi interceded for her brother. Wen Yao coughed: "Don't change the subject. I don't care about you and Nie Zong. If you get married, you must invite me to a banquet." 。
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