Cheetah Tears V

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Fish scratched his unruly hair: With such a great son, how could I not try to save him? See you later, old friend. Then he turned and walked a few steps to the helicopter, only to hear the strange movement of the gun behind him. Fish turned around and the young eagles were pointing their guns at each other. Are you going to shoot me? He still has a lazy expression. "It's all right. I've cheated you for so many years. I'll pay you back with a bullet." Then he turned around again, and the young eagle stared at his tall and broad back and shouted: "Stop!" Fish did not stop and walked to the front of the cockpit at his usual leisurely pace. Just then, the weapon in the young eagle's hand finally roared out, and with its eye-catching flame, it broke through the target at once. Fish was pushed by the force to stagger a step, his hands on the edge of the cockpit, he rolled over to face his former friend, and withdrew the pistol from his arms: "That's enough. One bullet is enough to pay for it. There are women and wounded people behind me. If I shoot again, I will shoot back." "Fish!" The leader took two steps in the hurricane. "Are you really going to leave the Falcon?"? Are you really going to leave me? J.C. looked at everything in amazement. She could not have imagined that the leader of the young eagles, who had always had a plan in mind and was calm and steady,Amber Dropper Bottles, would show a fragile expression to Fish at this time. As soon as the fuselage shook, the big bird began to slowly leave the ground. Fish!" The young eagle still asked loudly, "If everything you give me is false, what are the days when we fight together and live together?"? What am I in your heart?! Fish holds the cabin door and finally sheds his lazy and unruly face. "You are a fool." He looked at him seriously. "Who would spend so many years for a false thing? You built the Falcon, and I built it. Although our paths are different,Blue Bottle Serum, everything in the past is real, and my friendship for you is real." "Fish..." The upright face of the man slowly became smaller at his feet, and the young eagle kept looking in the direction of Fish, who also looked back at him, as if in this way he could recall all the past to his side, and return to the difficult but happy years. It wasn't until the trees had faded that Fish retreated into the cockpit. He lit a cigarette and asked J. C.: "How long will it take us to fly to the nearest Garrison Hospital?" The girl made a cursory estimate: "It takes five or six hours to refuel halfway." "Can't it be faster?" "I hope it's soon, too." Fish nodded. He knew that life was draining from where he'd been shot in the chest.. > [Cheetah Tears] Chapter 185 ___________________ The helicopter zoomed past in midair. Fish had been sitting on the floor leaning against the cabin door, with the sleeping wounded beside him. How far have we come? Why haven't you arrived yet? The man was a little anxious. He asked J.C. The girl looked at her watch: "Don't worry, we're about halfway there." "Hurry up, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, can't you fly faster?" The pilot shook his head. They did their best. The girl clasped her shoulders and shook her head: "Your uncle is also really, now just think of anxious, when the drillmaster is injured, should send him out immediately.". But fortunately, VISG's vitality is strong. Fish exhaled. The blood on the chest was hidden because of the dark battle clothes. He did not want to let the girl worry, after all, the serious injury of VISG is already a heavy burden, if he is also weak, I do not know if she will panic. But Fish soon learned that the bullet wound was more serious than he thought. It took him a lot of effort to stay awake. Every minute on the plane seemed to be very long and unbearable. How long will it take to get to the nearest garrison hospital? J.C. glanced at his wristwatch again: "Soon, soon, we walked about three minutes.". " Sweat as big as beans was seeping through his hair. Fish had to lean against the cockpit to keep his balance. He looked at the people around him. His face was frighteningly pale, and he had survived many days in this way, and the rise and fall of his chest, though weak, had been breathing tenaciously. Fish then brushed his cheek: "Hold on, young man.." Surprisingly, the man who had been unconscious for several days opened his eyes at this time, and the tears, like a sudden spring, fell out of the corner of his eyes, and seemed to be intoxicated with the gentle touch of the palm of his hand, slowly reading: "Chief Ray.." J.C. was so surprised that she threw herself in front of her: "Instructor!" The pure black gaze moved to her face, and then a smile appeared: "Where are we?" "On the plane!" J.C. hastened to explain, "We have left the Falcon Camp, and we will be at the hospital soon, and you will be saved soon!" Then he nodded slightly, and he turned to look at the other man: "Chief Fish..?" Fish nodded to him: "You slept soundly, and we were exhausted." I want to go back to sleep.. You woke me up. 。" Fish then closed the sheet around his neck: "Go to sleep, and when you wake up again, you will be fully recovered, and then it will be your turn to charge into battle." "Sir,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale," Luo said to the man, "can you touch my face until I fall asleep?" "What for?" Fish pursed his lips. "Think of me as Ray." A substitute for?! I tell you that I am a gentle man. Those who have been treated gently by me will never think of others again. You are really extravagant to use people like me as substitutes. Despite his complaints, Fish gently put his hand on his forehead and dropped.
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