Double Sword Line

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In the end, Aofeng turned his horse's head and chased him in the direction of the Huashan faction. For Aofeng, Huashan should bear the brunt of his revenge. Ao Feng traveled day and night, and finally came to Huashan Mountain after a few days. Ao Feng saw that it was dark, so he planned to stay in the inn. There are few guests in the inn. Some are ordinary people, and some are people in the martial arts world. Walking into the inn, Ao Feng looked around, his face showed a trace of joy, and deliberately exposed the red sword. Then, regardless of the reaction of the crowd, Ao Feng went upstairs alone. Did you see that the man had what looked like a red sword in his hand? "Yes, it's Chiyan Sword. This man must be Ao Feng!" "In that case, let's leave as soon as possible. If we tell the Huashan Sect about this, there will be a lot of benefits.." Suddenly, a few people in the martial arts world began to whisper. With that, they left the inn together and rushed to Huashan Mountain before it was dark. In the inn, Ao Feng looked at the shadows that quickly disappeared, and his face gradually became full of smiles. What those people did was exactly what Ao Feng wanted. This is also the reason why he deliberately showed his red sword just now. Night has finally come. Darkness enveloped the earth in an instant. Ao Feng put Chi Yan Jian on the head of the bed, sat cross-legged, and began to practice. He is waiting for the people sent by Huashan to come. "Red Snow Heart Method", this practice, let him blush. The internal force flows in the meridians, making his body extremely comfortable. As soon as the command was waved,heavy duty racking system, the sword burst out, like a strong wind blowing, moving the curtain and extinguishing the candlelight. Whew! Waving a finger again, the sword gas lit the candle in an instant. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed outside the room. Ao Feng knew that the enemy had come, so he got out of bed and took the red sword in his hand. With a few bangs, several Huashan disciples broke into the door. Ao Feng, is it really you? What are you doing in Huashan? The first one is Wang Xuan. You came to kill me,Steel racking system, and I came to kill you. Ao Feng said with a sneer. Hum! Overreach! Pick me up and let the pines welcome you. Wang Xuan snorted coldly and pulled out his sword, which was a stroke of'pines welcoming guests'. Seeing this, the disdainful eyes flashed away, the red sword instantly unsheathed, 'clang', the sword gas flashed, and the two men fought in the room. Two people against each other, the sword is very fast, coupled with the narrow room, so outsiders simply can not get involved. After several rounds, there were two figures in the room. Tables, chairs and benches have long been destroyed. All of a sudden, the room was in a mess. At this time, the two men jumped out of the room together and went outside the inn. Ao Feng stepped forward and waved his sword to the place where Wang Xuan was. With a whoosh, the sword shot into the ground, and with a bang, Pallet rack beams ,long span shelving, the rocks flew. Wang Xuan dodged the sword of Aofeng, jumped over and turned to the front of Aofeng, and confronted Aofeng head-on. Boom! As soon as Wang Xuan made a move, the white swallow whirled, and the sword gas filled the air all around in an instant. Ao Feng flew a sword in the air, and the red light of Chi Yan Jian won a great victory, stabbing upward. When the breeze was cool, Wang Xuan raised his sword to greet him. With a bang, there was an explosion all around. The dust and smoke cleared, and the two men fought again. The two swords crossed and clanged. Kill! When it was empty outside, all the Huashan disciples were driven out of the inn and instantly drew their swords to join the battle group. Dozens of people, dozens of swords, together to attack the proud wind. Clang. The red light of the red sword flashed, and each sword was accompanied by a sound of'when '. The Red Snow Double Sword is the unique magic weapon in Wulin. They are invincible and invincible. It is natural to cut iron like mud. With a sound, the disciples of the Huashan Sect looked back and saw that the sword in their hands had already been broken into two sections. The white rainbow ran through the sun. At this time, Wang Xuan stabbed him with a sword. The light of the sword was great. Its power was powerful and unstoppable. White rainbow through the sun, looks good power! Take my move! Ao Feng said coldly and drew back his sword. Ten thousand swords to one! At that moment, the sword in Aofeng's hand wielded countless swords, and the sword gas swirled around him, like a dazzling fire, which lasted for a long time. At this time, several sword gas seems to be alive in general, inverted shot back, and red inflammation sword into one. Boom! White rainbow a sword, red rainbow a sword, two swords touch, 'boom' a loud noise, four full of dust and smoke. Ah Screams rang out at this time, and it turned out that the disciples of the Huashan Sect around them were pushed out by the impact of the air waves. The Huashan disciples scrambled to help them stand up. His eyes were fixed on the dust and smoke. When I was young, the dust and smoke in the sky slowly dispersed. They fixed their eyes and saw Ao Feng standing in place, but the light of the red sword in his hand had dimmed. And on the opposite side of Aofeng, Wang Xuan was standing. Senior fellow apprentice Seeing this, the Huashan disciples hurried up. Ah As soon as the Huashan disciples entered Wang Xuan's side, they let out an exclamation of surprise. Wang Xuan's face was pale and colorless, his eyes were wide open, and blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth. Dang! The sword in Wang Xuan's hand fell to the ground, and its sound at this moment, like a loud bell, shook the hearts of the disciples of Huashan Mountain. Senior fellow apprentice Senior fellow apprentice How did you.. Wang Xuan's body, suddenly fell to the ground, the Huashan disciples came forward to breathe, found that Wang Xuan had died, immediately cried out in grief. Its voice is so sad that it is like a wolf crying. Clang! Ao Feng returned the sword to the scabbard, brushed his sleeves away, and turned to Huashan Mountain. Whoo whoo.. When the day was about to break, Ao Feng looked at the gate of the Huashan Sect and turned into the forest. He had just fought with Wang Xuan at the foot of the mountain, and Aofeng's True Qi had been depleted, so he didn't want to fight head-on with the Huashan Sect at this time. Although Huashan School is not as powerful as Wudang and Shaolin, it has a long history. Although its strength has been greatly lost in Poyang County, it is not comparable to Aofeng at this time. And Ao Fu also knows the depth of Huashan Mountain. The reason why he wants Ao Feng to hunt down decent people is not that he wants Ao Feng to fight like a fierce man. Ao Feng would not be so unwise, which Ao Fu knew very well,pipe cantilever rack, so he did not remind him before Ao Feng came. Chapter 159 the ambition to fight for the master. Updated June 21, 2012 20:46:18 Words: 2,076.
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