How to Cast the World's Best Titanium Welded Pipe In Memory of Jin Tianyu and Hai Bin of Hunan Xiangtou

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Original Title: How the World's Best Titanium Welded Pipe Was Cast In Memory of Jin Tianyu and Haibin of Hunan Xiangtou How is the world's best titanium welded pipe cast? Yu Haibin, General Manager of Hunan Xiangtou Jintian New Materials Co., Ltd. New Hunan Client Huasheng Online Reporter Xu Rong Zhu Yuwen Correspondent Peng Jianzhong On June 25, the production workshop of Xiangtou Jintian New Material was busy, and workers in several production lines were working overtime to produce titanium welded pipes. The workers talked about Yu Haibin, who had passed away for half a year, and his eyes were red: "If General Manager Yu is still here, he will come to the workshop to inspect and see the products produced." The representative of the quality inspection department of Siemens, one of the world's top 500 companies, told reporters that Siemens trusted and admired Yu Haibin's team, who produced the best titanium welded pipes in the world. How did Yu Haibin and his team cast the best titanium welded pipe in the world? "Core technology must be in our own hands." One night in January 2017, the conference room of Xiangtou Jintian New Material was brightly lit. High-efficiency titanium tube abroad out of new products, why the technical department has no R & D reserves? "Just returned from a business trip to the company, immediately called the technical backbone of the meeting of Yu Haibin angry." We will develop and solve the key technologies of high-efficiency titanium tubes within five months, and deliver products to customers. The barbarian Yu Haibin never admits defeat in the research and development of key technologies. He led the technical team to consult domestic experts in high-efficiency titanium pipe processing and thermal energy. He also stayed in the workshop with technicians all night and debugged the process one by one. More than four months later, a high-efficiency heat exchange titanium tube with an area increased by 2 times, an output increased by 15% and a cost saved by 20% was produced. When Yu Haibin sent high-efficiency titanium tubes to the purchasing departments of enterprises such as Broad Air Conditioning and Siemens, everyone raised their thumbs and marveled at the efficient execution of Hunan state-owned enterprises. In June 2017, Hunan Investment Jintian New Material and Broad Air Conditioner jointly created the world's first all-titanium high-efficiency air conditioner. The service life of the air conditioner is increased by several times by replacing the copper pipe with the titanium welded pipe, and the air conditioner is environment-friendly and energy-saving. Gree, Haier and other air-conditioning giants have signed contracts to replace copper pipes with titanium welded pipes to promote the upgrading of China's air-conditioning industry. Yu Haibin participated in the whole process of R & D, processing and sales of Xiangtou Jintian New Material Titanium Welded Pipe. He said: "The core technology must be in our own hands to have the right to speak." Die is the key for titanium material to be processed into titanium welded pipe. Having mastered the core technology of moulds, Japanese enterprises came to Xiangtou Jintian New Material and put forward harsh conditions: materials and processing must be provided by Japan, and high technical design fees must be paid. The wishful thinking of Japanese enterprises is outrageous, and Yu Haibin's brute force is inspired: "We must make the Chinese people's own mold." He took technicians to cooperate with domestic manufacturers, independently developed a set of production moulds, the price was reduced by half compared with the Japanese quotation, and kept the enterprise's right to operate independently. Expand the full text In August 2009, Xiangtou Jintian New Material Group produced the first domestic titanium pipe in China with its own cold-rolled titanium strip coil. The world's titanium welded pipe industry began to pay attention to Hunan. In 2015, Yu Haibin received a large order from Siemens Energy Division of Germany to ensure the integrity of titanium welded pipes under high pressure. Li Jianfei, deputy manager of the Technology Development Department, remembers that colleagues suggested canceling Siemens orders with high technical requirements and high cost risks. Yu Haibin was somewhat angry: "Without Siemens as a big customer, how can China's titanium welded pipes establish a world image?" Yu Haibin led the technical team and production team to tackle key problems and find solutions, and invited the quality director of Siemens Energy Division to supervise and guide the production line. Yang Qingbo, the quality director of Siemens Shanghai Company, came to Yiyang for inspection and guidance many times. He told the reporter: Every time I put forward a suggestion, Yu Haibin would immediately consult with the technicians and stay at the production site all night to solve it. Yu Haibin's team is the most efficient and produces the best titanium welded pipes in the world. Xiangtou Jintian New Material is the only titanium welded pipe supplier of Siemens in China. After years of hard work in the market, Yu Haibin sensitively predicted that titanium would replace traditional materials such as copper and stainless steel. He immediately planned ahead to develop advanced products such as titanium high-efficiency tubes, titanium ultra-thin wall tubes and titanium alloy tubes, breaking the blockade of foreign countries and making reserves for seizing the marine, military, nuclear power and aviation markets. In recent years, the technical team led by Yu Haibin has created many firsts and uniqueness in the application of titanium welded pipes in China, and formulated new standards for the titanium industry in China. The company has obtained 4 invention patents and more than 30 new utility patents; China's first ultra-thin wall The 0.4mm titanium-welded tube desalination plant was exported to foreign countries; the first domestic thin-wall titanium-welded tube assembly machine in China's nuclear power industry 。 They have created many first places in the fields of nuclear power, aviation, thermal power, seawater desalination, water treatment, air cooling, titanium welded pipes for thermos cups and so on. Let the world use Chinese titanium welded pipe. Over the past 10 years, the fate of Yu Haibin and the development of China's titanium industry has converged. Tang Xinhe, deputy manager of the marketing department who often accompanied Yu Haibin on business trips, said that Yu always used one day as two days and worked for 20 years in 10 years. Yu Haibin served as the general manager of Xiangtou Jintian New Material in 2013 and the organizing member of the Party branch of the enterprise. He said that if we want to do the best in the world, let the whole world use Chinese titanium welded pipes. He played a vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in his post, led the team to seize the overseas market, Titanium welding pipe , and became a supplier of titanium tubes for the world's top 500 enterprises such as Siemens, Veolia and GE, and participated in 32 energy and desalination projects in 14 countries along the "one belt and one road". After the wind and water in the foreign market, Yu Haibin took the team to tackle the domestic market. In 2013, the Shidaowan Nuclear Power Project in Shandong Province began to be built. Yu Haibin led the team to communicate at home, but the owner did not want to meet at all. For safety reasons, the pipes of the nuclear power project were all imported before. Yu Haibin does not care about "white eyes and cold face", but still visits the owners, design departments, engineering companies and equipment manufacturers of nuclear power projects quarterly to continuously improve the quality of titanium welded pipes according to the needs of the project. In 2016, he led the Hunan Investment Jintian New Material Team to win the first order for the localization of titanium welded pipes for nuclear power in Shidaowan, Shandong Province, with the first domestic TES. Chen Chong, Assistant Minister of Planning and Development Department of Dongfang Electric Corporation, the builder of the nuclear power project, told the reporter: "Mr. Yu often comes to communicate with us. He has a series of thoughts on the advantages and localization of titanium tubes, which makes us feel at ease about the titanium products in the whole industry chain of Xiangtou Group." Yu Haibin was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver three years ago, but he quietly took medicine and continued to work hard without asking for a day off. General Manager Yu is like a top running at a high speed, and we are also running at a high speed with him. He has a small blackboard in his office. He writes down the things he wants to accomplish every week on the blackboard, and draws a double yellow line below the important things. Zhou can, director of the office, said, "How to implement everything, he will immediately call the person in charge to discuss the specific implementation plan and regularly ask about the progress of implementation." "Yu Haibin has strong learning ability and execution ability, and is particularly practical." Li Juguang, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the board of directors of Xiangtou Jintian New Material, was very sad about Yu Haibin: In October last year, he went on a business trip to Jiangsu and vomited blood on the way. After being rescued and stabilized in Xiangya Hospital, he continued to deal with company affairs in his hospital bed. Until the last moment of his life, he was still sending emails to communicate with customers. Yu Haibin died on November 17, 2017 at the age of 44. Yu Haibin likes the cross-stitch of "working hard to be powerless, struggling to move himself" at home, and his wife Zhang Donghua shed tears when she saw the cross-stitch, which is the most appropriate portrayal of her husband's short life. Peng Dan, the current general manager of Xiangtou Jintian New Material, told the reporter: Yu Haibin led the team to sign many orders last year, and the company also rented a production line for production, which is expected to sell 350 million yuan this year. A short comment Innovation and practical work to revitalize the real economy Xu Rong: "Can state-owned enterprises do well?"? Can you compete with world-class companies? ?” "If we persist in innovation and practical work, we will surely be able to do so!" Yu Haibin, a member of the Communist Party of China and a general manager of Hunan state-owned enterprises, handed over a touching and inspiring answer to the Party and the country with his short and dedicated life. He made selfless contributions, kept a close eye on the international market, and insisted on strengthening and optimizing state-owned enterprises and enhancing the international competitiveness of titanium industry as his lifelong pursuit. Diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2014, he worked in pain, and on the eve of his death, he was still thinking about his work, devoting himself to the cause of the Party's state-owned enterprises until the last moment of his life. He is innovative and practical. Lead the team to innovate independently, develop and solve every demand and suggestion put forward by customers, break the monopoly of foreign technology, produce the best titanium welded pipe in the world, make the world's top 500 enterprises marvel at the efficient execution of Hunan state-owned enterprises, and polish Hunan manufacturing brand in the international market again and again. To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we need to work hard and innovate. Made in China, when practical innovation is the soul, there should be a large number of talents like Yu Haibin who adhere to their ideals and beliefs, innovate and work hard for the cause of the Party, dedicate themselves and have no regrets. To run state-owned enterprises well, revitalize the real economy and achieve high-quality development,3d titanium wire, we should take Yu Haibin as a benchmark. Authors: Xu Rong, Zhu Yuwen, Peng Jianzhong Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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