Lost Ark's Paint-Wielding Artist Class Arrives Next Week, With A Few Localization Changes

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Posted by cuipeng202 from the Environment category at 08 Mar 2023 06:22:35 am.
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Lost Ark's new Artist class arrives on March 15 included in the game's Art of War update, and it also looks to become unlike every other class Western players in the free-to-play Korean MMORPG have experienced before.
lost arkUnlike previous classes included with Lost ark Gold that fell within general class archetypes like Warrior, Mage, Gunner, Martial Artists, and Assassin, the Artist is a new category of its own--Specialist. As such, the Artist is rather unique amidst the rest of the game's class roster, wielding a huge paintbrush and bringing summons one's with the flick of the brush. Those summonses can both help allies or damage enemies, making the Artist a support-focused class that may still dish out some serious damage.
Artist's two Awakening Skills reflect that philosophy. The first, Masterwork: Spectacle, catches enemies in a huge scroll, damaging foes caught inside the attack and reducing their critical resistance and movement speed, excellent for letting teammates contact even more damage. Their second Awakening skill, Masterwork: Efflorescence, summons a whirlwind of flower petals that inflict problems for enemies, after which grants a shield to everyone nearby ally.
The Artist's unique class identity ability, Harmony Orbs, further highlights the class's support role. These orbs can often cast two powerful skills, Moonfall or Sunrise, that will temporarily increase outgoing party damage or heal allies. The Artist's unique class engravings further boost their Harmony Orb abilities, with players capable to choose between enhancing the healing effect of Sunrise or acquiring a temporary crit and crit damage boost by employing either one from the Harmony Orb abilities.
As lost ark boosting's Western publisher Amazon Games has previously announced but reiterates in a different blog post, the Artist has seen a number of visual changes through the Korean version due to the Western debut. Amazon said the thing was to "preserve the authenticity from the original game," but to also ensure that the Artist's appearance is "representative in our Western players" and much better fits within Western norms. That means some with the skins to the Artist, the industry female-only class, happen to be modified to feature shorts underneath skirts, long pants, or tights.
"We will likely be working to preserve the first spirit on the skins when applying these changes to guarantee players could have a variety of compelling customization selections for this uniquely versatile class," Amazon said.
The arrival of the Artist provides with it new Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus, and Story Express progression events that can help players obtain new Artist characters on top of things or for returning players to get in on the action. New and returning players will earn 15 times log-in rewards including a recipe chest, upgrade materials, and Pheons, along with a rare card pack.
Lost Ark's Art of War update will, beyond the Artist, introduce a 48v48 PvP mode alongside various quality-of-life updates, balance changes, along with the game's third battle pass.
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