Chain lightning can be sprayed darker

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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 08 Mar 2023 02:18:47 am.
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Health and armor do not get anywhere near high enough to justify how big the damage could be, which results in massive differences between basic classes.

Rogues and wizards are not able to kill mobs and barbarians can 1 tap real players. To large a gap.

This is a very positive incite.

There's some really good incite in this article, my friend. However, there are numerous things you missed. It's a lot of time to break it down into parts and discuss direct topics. We will focus on my thoughts as a whole based on rogue and wizard and the other games you want to generally discuss.

You've presented facts about wizard that is true. But I can also tell that you're not very knowledgeable about the wizard. Chain lightning is more then feasible. In a aoe perspective. It only jumps X number of enemies. The enemies that are jumped are closer to each other then you. They don't strike you. It's different based on the circumstances.

I will agree with you there. Chain lightning in pvp is only used if you're out of fireballs. The spells are all available in pve , but more than the pvp. This is part of the appeal and the skill for the magician. Understanding when to use things and when not to use stuff. People are fond of cornering to hump during this game.

Chain lightning can be sprayed on a ranger peeking the corner or throwing weapons. It will bounce towards people who are hiding in the corner. The movement is huge with wizard. As far as fireballs. Knowing the range of splash dmg can be crucial. I use it in melee and melee fights every day. The only thing you need to do is not body the other player. Use the splash injury to apply the burn. It's more efficient. These are just some examples of what is required to be a competent wizard. The first thing to consider is the staff. It's not too difficult to load up on spell books when the Alc sells them. I'm the manager of spell book and Qstaff for myself.
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