Elden Ring Player Misses Out on Runes After Defeating Difficult Boss

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Posted by cuipeng202 from the Environment category at 07 Mar 2023 07:55:00 am.
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Frustration strikes as a player who, when defeating an arduous boss inside the popular action RPG Elden Ring Runes, found themselves getting robbed of the 660k runes the boss must provide. Elden Ring will play pranks on its player base. While most of the time it truly is by design often times systems executed can pull an easy one on players.

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It isn't uncommon for Elden Ring to steal all runes from the player. No matter how many runes a farmer collects, at the same time many as 80 million runes, it can go down to zero within seconds. Elden Ring can hire a multitude of approaches to take back you are hard-earned runes, should it be from an ill-placed enemy, or merely by a little trick played within the player.
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Reddit user Hibananananana uploaded a relevant video showing recent seconds of the fight with Hoarah Loux, a two-phase boss fight that's the lead-up towards the final encounter of Elden Ring. Hoorah Loux is surely an aggressive boss, especially in his second phase, delivering suplexes that could kill two players at the same time and ground slams that creates the surrounding floor to explode. It was aforementioned that caught Hibananananana, though not ahead of the courageous player might deliver the final blow, defeating Hoarah Loux.
However, cheap elden ring runes aren't any stranger to destroying a person's will, regardless if they are just seconds from defeating a boss like Malenia, because it was the soil exploding after Hoarah Loux's last attack that killed the participant. And while it really is seen that the ball player did receive Hoarah Loux's remembrance, they did not obtain 660k runes that Hoarah Loux's fight gives in NG+, precisely the lone 46k runes left by their corpse. This, understandably, left Hibananananana slightly frustrated, exactly like so many Elden Ring players before them, posting it to Reddit showing Hoarah Loux depriving them of the runes they deserved.
This only goes to exhibit how it pays to be careful when taking up some of the hardest bosses and enemies that Elden Ring provides. When a Castle Sol Knight will get a way to kill the participant at a thing that was thought for being a safe distance, it is advisable to always be cautious inside the Lands Between.
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