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On the surface that might not sound like a lot for a QB who is starting his career However, it's an incredible amount for a player who last had a modest $2.5 million the role of Josh Allen's back-up Buffalo. It's more amazing when you consider that Trubisky hasn't done anything of note, outside of an investment in a solid franchise.Bet on Madden NFL 23 online at DraftKings Sportsbook

There's just one game that showed that Trubisky might still be a reliable starter quarterback, and it was in Week 2 of the preseason season in 2021. Also known as"the "Trubisky Revenge Game," this one saw Mitch going back to Chicago to take on the Bears who smashed them with a total of 20-of-28 passes, resulting in 221 yards and one touchdown. It was a nice game, sure, but is that really enough to justify a huge contract? The answer is yes, but only because teams believe that it is.

To be fair, it's not really about the one game it's more about the perception that the Bears were not competent in managing the previous second. 2 overall selection. This is probably a safe wager, but it requires a significant risk.

If we suppose Trubisky earns $10 million each year (and frankly, it's quite possible that it will go a lot higher) this is more than the amount Teddy Bridgewater made signing with the Broncos in the last season, and nearly three times more than what Marcus Mariota made. Both players are far more proven commodities than Trubisky and his ilk, but the pressure of being desperate can create odd bedfellows.

Be clear, these are some very difficult times for teams that need QBs. They're in a tough spot. Steelers and Saints are trying to recover from the loss of Hall of Fame caliber QBs The Giants aren't 100 percent convinced of Daniel Jones (and rumored to be in the market for Trubisky) Additionally, the Seahawks need a new QB after the trade of Russell Wilson, the Colts are in search of a passer as well, and the Panthers will just sign QBs for fun in the moment, regardless of how poorly.

To make matters worse, there is the fact that there is a soft draft at this position. Even the staunchest fans of the 2022 QB class acknowledge that the players all need some time to get their feet accustomed. There's not a clear Day 1 starter, except for maybe Kenny Pickett, though he is concerned about his hand size, attitude, and his ability to transfer his skills into Madden NFL 23.

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