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What Are Museum Kudos ?
Museum Kudos are a reward given to the player for helping the Varrock museum staff. There are various activities that one can do to acquire kudos.
Why Should You Get Kudos ?
There are four main reasons why you might want to get Kudos.
Firstly, you will be needing 100 kudos to be able to start and complete the quest “Bone Voyage”. This quest unlocks one of the best ways to train your hunter, combat, woodcutting alongside the “Volcanic Mine” minigame. It also unlocks 3 tree patches which you can use to plant teak or mahogany trees. Also it is one of the requirements of the grandmaster quest “Dragon Slayer 2”. It’s a great and necessary unlock for any person's character.
Secondly if you want to participate in the “Volcanic Mine” minigame you must have 150 museum kudos.
Thirdly you will need at least 50 kudos to complete an easy diary and at least 153 kudos to complete a hard diary. So if you want to complete all the achievement diaries in the game you will be needing at least 153 museum kudos.
Lastly, getting kudos can reward the player with experience. Maximising your kudo will reward you with a total of 164K experience points.

Getting Kudos
  1. Natural History Quiz: To start off you will be completing a very quick and easy minigame called the “Natural History Quiz”. This can be done in the basement of the Varrock museum. Simply head down and talk to Orlando Smith to start the minigame. After talking to him, head to every display case in the basement and click on the plaque next to the display cases to answer some questions. Use Runelite since it highlights the correct answer for each one. This will reward you with 1K hunter and slayer experience alongside 28 kudos.
  2. Cleaning Finds: After completing the quest “The Digsite” you will have the ability to clean finds. To do so head to the Varrock museum and enter the part of the museum where archaeologists are cleaning up some finds. Talk to any archeologists after that, pick up the necessary equipment from the tool rack mounted on the wall and wear the leather boots and gloves that you get. After that collect a full inventory of uncleaned finds from the Dig Site specimen rocks next to Sinco Doar. Clean them using the specimen tables. You will find various artefacts by doing this. Talk to any archaeologist when you find one and they will tell you to put them in a specific display case. Fill out all the display cases to get all your kudos. (Also during this process you will find a ruby amulet which is necessary to learn the ruby-enchant spell and it is also a requirement for a Varrock medium diary task). Finding every artefact will reward you 50 kudos.
  3. Sharing Details About Quests: For this part you will need to complete a bunch of quests and share them with an npc called Historian Minas which can be found on the second floor of the museum. The quests that you need to complete to get all the kudos from him are:
  • Demon Slayer
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Shield of Arrav - Rewards 1K experience lamp in a skill above level 20
  • The Grand Tree
  • Hazeel Cult
  • In Aid of the Myreque
  • Making History - Rewards 1K experience lamp in a skill above level 20
  • Merlin’s Crystal - Rewards 1K experience lamp in a skill above level 20
  • Observatory Quest
  • Priest in Peril
  • A tail of Two Cats
  • Temple of Ikov
  • What Lies Below
  • Curse of the Empty Lord - Rewards 10K experience lamp in a skill above level 20

After completing these quests, head to Varrock library and search the easternmost bookcase to get a book called “Dagon’hai History”. You must have this book in your inventory while talking to Historian Minas. Completing every quest and explaining them to Historian Minas rewards the player with a total of 75 kudos.
  1. Completing Fossil Exhibits

After completing the quest “Bone Voyage”, you get access to a bunch of activities that reward you with unidentified fossils. You can clean these fossils and put them on display, on the lowest floor of Varrock museum to get exp lamps and kudos. Here are the ways that you can get unidentified fossils:
  • Killing ancient wyverns, 6.9% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing lesser wyverns, 5.7% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing tar monsters, 2.9% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing hoop snake, 1.7% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing deranged archaeologist, 6.9% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing ammonite crabs, 1.7% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Killing ancient zygomites, 4% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Herbiboar, 4% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Volcanic mine fragments, 2.9% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Underwater thieving, 3.4% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Bowl fishing, 1.1% chance of a fossil drop. (Purchased from Mairin’s Market)
  • Chopping suilliusceps, 2.9% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Drift net fishing, 0.1% chance of a fossil drop.
  • Fully fixing the museum camp, rewards you with 5 unidentified fossils.

Getting all the fossils and putting them on display rewards the player with 72 kudos and 120K worth of experience lamps.
  1. Ancient Relics: Last method of getting kudos is giving ancient relics to Curator Haig Halen. For this method you must complete the quest “Below Ice Mountain”. After the quest head to the caves under Ice Mountain and start digging barronite deposits. Then use the barronite deposits on the barronite crusher anvil with a hammer. This has a chance to yield ancient relics. Giving an ancient relic to Curator Haig Halen rewards the player with 5 kudos.

Extra Experience Rewards
After earning a specific amount of kudos, you can get some experience rewards by talking to the information clerk:
  • 51+ Kudos rewards 1K mining experience.
  • 101+ Kudos rewards 2.5K crafting and 3.5K mining experience.
  • 151+ Kudos rewards 4K crafting, hunter, prayer, slayer and smithing experience.

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