It has been almost a year since Lost Ark was launched on Steam. As a game with constant praise on Steam, Lost Ark also started its first anniversar

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Posted by WhiteJoson from the Business category at 07 Mar 2023 02:05:25 am.
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Lost Ark, originally released in South Korea, was introduced to the European and American markets by Amazon Games after a period of release, and has received unanimous praise from both the East and the West, becoming one of the most popular MMO games.

So where is the popularity of this game? There is no doubt that it is of excellent production standards. Its high-level polish adapts to different game content for various players, and the game has high plasticity. Its strong game loop makes the game more alive and highly motivated players. Smilegate spent a lot of time and energy on this game, making the game more stable. When Amazon Games introduced this game, they thought that Lost Ark would start higher than other games.

Soomin Park, head of Amazon Games for Lost Ark, had high hopes for the game before it was released. As expected, the game became popular as soon as they released it, attracting many enthusiastic and loyal fans, and added many works of art, such as role-playing, to its game community.

Compared with the Korean version of Lost Ark, Amazon has spent a lot of effort on changing the game to make it more suitable for Western players. For example, in terms of character creation, Amazon has added more options, and created a western-only Ark Beer Festival for the western version of Lost Ark. Of course, the most important change is in the game currency. For the Korean version of the game, Amazon changed Lost Ark Gold that are more in line with the game habits of Western players, Soomin Park said.

Ahead of Lost Ark’s second year on Steam, Amazon’s latest idea is to make the game more in line with the Korean version of Lost Ark. Amazon said that with the version change, the game will start a new plot direction and start a new chapter. For specific news, please pay attention to IGGM to get the latest information.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Lost Ark, Amazon will launch a whole month of special events in the anniversary month, providing players with massive rewards, and even more surprise birthday gifts waiting for players to claim. If you want to win the first place in this anniversary celebration, but don't have enough time to develop your abilities, Lost Ark Boosting might as well be a good choice! Hurry up and act now!
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