The advantages of using a yacht broker for yacht purchases and sales

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Posted by Westcoastint from the Boating category at 03 Mar 2023 06:09:55 am.
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Using a yacht broken can have a significant impact on many aspects of the sale, from finding possible buyers to the ultimate sale price. This article will cover the advantages of utilising a broker to buy yachts or to sell one.

What is a yacht broker?

A yacht broker assists yacht owners in selling their yachts. They offer a range of services, all aimed at simplifying the yacht sale process. These services cover everything from scheduling surveyors and arranging for the required legal documents, to storing, cleaning, and prepping the yacht.

When you choose a yacht broker to sell your yacht, many of the small but important jobs involved in the sale are combined into one simple package, saving you the stress, time, and effort of selling your yacht personally. A broker, who specialises in boat sales, will be able to assist you in creating the best marketing to draw in the most suitable kind of buyer.

A professional yacht broker, such as West Coast International, will set up the contract once a buyer has been identified so that everyone involved is aware of what is being sold, in what condition it is and the terms of that sale. A bill of sale will also be organised to transfer the property to the new owner, assemble the owner’s papers, retain the deposit in a separate account, and negotiate the deal.

Here below are the top reasons why you should consider consulting a yacht broker to sell, buy, or charter a yacht:


The appearance and condition determines a price of a yacht for sale. Your yacht will be realistically valued by a professional yacht broker, who will also point out any problems that need repair or may turn off potential buyers. Being objective about one’s pride and joy is challenging for owners!


The asking price and the true worth of a yacht can fluctuate significantly. Anyone can look up the prices that comparable yachts are being listed for, but only a broker will be aware of the actual selling prices of superyachts for sale. Asking price and sale price are not the same thing!

In depth knowledge about the product

Brokers have in-depth product knowledge and experience. While some brokers specialise in particular yacht brands, others have a broad range of expertise to assist clients in choosing the best solutions for their requirements and their budget.

Reducing the likelihood of fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is a frequent issue in private markets. We have heard it all, from rejected checks to protracted finance delays. By carefully vetting potential buyers and ensuring that all relevant checks are made, a yacht brokerage company like West Coast International will help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud when you list with them.

Private viewings

A broker will show people your boat at the times that best suit both you and the potential buyer and accommodate those who miss appointments.

Bottom line

It can be an exciting but daunting endeavour to purchase or sell a yacht. Consulting West Coast International makes the process easier and clarifies the numerous yacht alternatives such as superyachts for sale, motor yachts for sale, mega yachts for sale, sailing yachts for sale, and catamaran yachts for sale. Their assistance helps buyers choose a yacht that satisfies their sailing requirements and is also financially viable.


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Yacht brokers

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Yacht brokers have in-depth knowledge of the yacht market, including current prices, trends, and availability of different yacht models. They stay up to date with industry news and developments.
Posted by cufati at 09 Jun 2023 01:13:03 am.
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