The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear

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Liu Hao died, the corner of her heart has collapsed, gradually, the whole heart will collapse, lifeless. Even if he is alive, he is a walking corpse. General Lee was not a talkative person, and his proposal was rejected one after another, so he stopped talking, packed up everything, and prepared to go back to the border. Before I left, I saw her standing by the body. Fortunately, it was winter, so the body didn't stink for a short time. The child next to him sat on the snow and cried, but the princess did not seem to hear. General Lee picked up the child and patted the snowflakes on her body. The princess turned her head stiffly and said to General Li with hoarse vocal cords, "Li Er, can you take her away?" General Li understood the princess's intention in an instant and gave him the child. He was afraid that he would follow the man. General Lee refused directly: "This is your child. Of course, you will bring her up. In the future, you will prepare a dowry for her to see her harmony and beauty." As a mother is just, if he really took away the child, cousin has nothing to worry about,hot tub wholesale, is not determined to die. Think of this man is the executioner who killed Liu Hao, if the child is given to him, it is not good to recognize the thief as father in the future. The princess said no more about entrusting the child, and General Lee had to go back to the border, leaving behind some gold, silver and jewelry. These are copied out when the bandits again, enough for the two of them to live a lifetime without worrying about food and clothing. The princess just asked General Lee to take it back. She wouldn't use a stitch from this man. General Lee pursed his lips, but he also knew that the affection he had grown up with was gone. Chapter 2580 rapid rise 31. On the day of the March,whirlpool bathtub, General Lee waited outside the town for a long time, but the princess did not come out, so he drove his horse away. As far as Ning Shu, a bystander, was concerned, General Lee was actually a good man, but he lost because he didn't express himself very well. Liu Hao is better than the men of this era to say two provocative love words. But girls just like these things. Therefore, a routine has been formed to flirt with girls, that is, to extend the talons to girls. Since ancient times, deep feelings can not be retained, only the hearts of the routine. Since you like to listen to it, you can follow this routine. Ning Shu dare not relax, mental strength has been paying attention to Liu Hao's body, garden jacuzzi tub ,american hot tub, Liu Hao did not wake up, pale, like the dead. Always use mental strength and fatigue, Ningshu will rest for a while and then check. He wiped the sweat on his head and felt that his body was hollowed out and his head hurt. Hua Yang looked at Ning Shu strangely more than once. How could he sweat so much in winter. Sweating in winter consumes Yang Qi and can't hide the essence. "Are you afraid that you are possessed by the devil?" Hua Yang can only think of this possibility after thinking about it, thinking that she seems to have some internal force. Ning Shu:.. I'm simply afraid of the heat and wear too much. Hua Yang said nothing more. Come on, keep up. Ning Shu took the lead out of the inn, because the army left, the town was lively again, Ning Shu shuttled through the crowd. Hua Yang hurried to follow her. Ning Shu saw the princess wipe her body for Liu Hao with her mental strength, put on her mourning clothes, and pulled Liu Hao's body outside the town with a cart. Apparently to find a place to bury Liu Hao's body. Ning Shu knew where Liu Hao's body was buried and cut off Liu Hao's head. Can't delay too long, in case Liu Hao came back to life again. This kind of RMB player, who brings his own resurrection armor, is really annoying. Snowflakes fell in the sky, the cold wind whistled, and the princess pulled the cart and walked aimlessly against the cold wind. The girl, who was less than two years old, sat on the cart next to her father's body. She did not know what had happened at a young age? Although she was a princess, she was doomed to a very bad fate in the future. To some extent, both of them have lost their luck. It was supposed to be the princess and the princess. Of course, this is partly because of Ning Shu. Walking to a forest, the princess almost numbly shoveled the snow with a shovel. The ground was frozen and hard. It was not easy for the princess to dig a hole. But the princess insisted on digging a grave for Liu Hao, and her palm was rubbed with blood by the stick of the shovel. This scene is particularly moving, Huawei watched from a distance, said: "Although she has done a lot of wrong things, but she is a faithful woman.". ” Ning Shu: "Oh, don't whitewash everything with love. It seems that as long as she is faithful to love, can she do anything?" As if the crown of love is excusable, let go of hobbies? Ning Shu said coldly, "She is really faithful. Do you believe that she will leave her daughter and commit suicide?" "How beautiful it is to die for love." Hua Yang looked at Ning Shu's indifferent look, "you seem to be very disapproving." "It's not that she doesn't think so, but that the princess is now a gambler who has lost everything." Suicide is normal. Just like a stock trader who lost everything overnight, Peng Yisheng jumped down from upstairs. Leaving his family behind. And the princess bet on her feelings, bet that she married a suitable husband, a good man in the world. She invested heavily, married a minor official as a concubine under the honor of a princess, lost her reputation, and had a proud self-esteem. Second, I have to share my husband with so many women, and now my husband is dead. Emotionally ruined. Nothing left. One is the loss of money, the other is the loss of emotion. If you can't bear it, you will end yourself naturally. Ning Shu knows this feeling very well. She has been gambling every day since the peerless martial arts broke down. Beau's adventures. 。 However, after the passage of time, Ning Shu's mood calmed down, if the peerless martial arts really can not keep, Ning Shu felt that he should be able to continue to hold on. After all,outdoor whirlpool, there is a world of reincarnation, and then rebuild the world of life. But I don't know if there will be a world of faith in the future. Hua Yang has nothing to say. What can he say when he meets a talkative scheming bitch? Ning Shu and Hua Yang silently watched the princess digging the earth. Ning Shu gathered up his clothes, and the wind made his face hurt. Hua Yang felt that the girl's body temperature was so unstable that she was sweating and shivering with cold? Ning Shu was so bored that the princess finally buried Liu Hao's body.
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