Eat honey [wear the book] [end + side story]

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Zhou Hairong was considerate of him, afraid that he would be embarrassed, so he came a little late, and when he went in, the others were already waiting for them in the living room. Because Zhou Hairong had been informed in advance, it was rare for the Zhou family to get together once. The Zhou family is a rich and powerful family. There are many brothers and sisters. The eldest daughter is Zhou Tong. There are three younger brothers and one younger sister. The eldest is Zhou Haiquan, the second is Zhou Hairong, the third is Zhou Haidong, and the younger sister is Zhou Siyu. She is only twelve years old this year. Everyone knows what Zhou Hairong is doing. Few of the Zhou family can take a fancy to Xiao Yao. The fourth sister of the Zhou family is very happy to lead Xiao Yao to visit. The second sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law call Xiao Yao's face hot. Big brother didn't come back? With a smile on his face and a somewhat timid look, Zhou Hairong asked his elder sister. Zhou Tong touched the nails he had just done and asked, "Do you know you're afraid now?" "Second brother, so the second sister-in-law you found for me looks like this.". Your taste has changed. I remember what you used to like. It's not like this. "Shh." Zhou Hairong looked at Xiao Yao nervously, "Don't talk nonsense." Zhou Haidong smiled, touched the cigarette on the table, went to the balcony to smoke, while smoking and squinting to see Xiao Yao, who was being led by Zhou Siyu to look at the photo. The wall beside the stairs is covered with photos of the Zhou family, the oldest of which dates back to the Republic of China. When I was about to see the second floor, I heard Zhou Siyu shout sweetly: "Big Brother." Xiao Yao turned his head and saw a man coming down from upstairs. Zhou Haiquan's appearance is not as handsome as Zhou Hairong's, but his facial features are more three-dimensional and cold, his forehead is full, his nose is high,fish measuring tape, his height is higher, and his waist is straight. Xiao Yao quickly bent over and nodded. Without waiting for him to speak, Zhou Hairong ran up excitedly and said, "Brother, let me introduce you to Xiao Yao." "Hello." Xiao Yao smiled cleverly. Zhou Haiquan nodded, but did not say much, people set the problem, not this week's eldest brother's fault! Zhou Haiquan's role in this article is probably the feudal patriarch. The father of the Zhou family died early,cattle weight tape, Zhou Tong was not in charge, and his elder brother was his father. Zhou Haiquan was unswerving in the Zhou family. In general idol dramas, he had all the characters that a feudal patriarch should have. For example, he was dignified, old-fashioned, bad-tempered, always pounded the table, and liked to dismantle Mandarin ducks. Rich and powerful family rules are many, pay attention to food and sleep, this meal is very quiet, so that when Zhou Hairong opened his mouth to say that he wanted to marry Xiao Yao, it seemed very abrupt. You can talk about this slowly. Zhou Haiquan said coldly. We're going to register. Zhou Hairong said. As soon as his voice fell, he heard a "bang" and the plates on the table shook. Of course, it was Zhou Haiquan who pounded the table and stared. Xiao Yao could not help but look at his hand, the joints are clear, the fingers are slender, horse weight tape ,Walking tape measure, do not know whether the palms hurt or not, feudal parents are not easy to be. "Zhou Hairong is a dandy. He's not afraid of heaven or earth. He's afraid of his elder brother. When he beats the table, he's a coward." All right, take your time later, ah. Zhou Tong tried to smooth things over. The meal was eaten quietly, only occasionally Xiao Yao's knife and fork cut on the plate, making a harsh and embarrassing sound, the Zhou family looked sideways, the eldest brother Zhou Haiquan's face was even darker. After eating, Zhou Haiquan stood up first and then looked at Xiao Yao: "You come with me." Zhou Hairong showed a very nervous look and grabbed Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao patted his hand and said gently, "It's all right." What does Zhou Haiquan want to call him for? Of course, it is a common drama of traditional idol drama! "Say," after arriving at the study, Zhou Haiquan pulled open his collar, sat down on the sofa, crossed his legs and said, "name a price, how much do you want to leave the second child?" Xiao Yao showed an expression of "true love is priceless, how can you insult my love like this" and said: "Hai Rong and I really love each other." "Do you know that the second child is not working now and has always been supported by his family?" Zhou Haiquan said in a fierce tone, "If he is driven out penniless, will you follow him?" Xiao Yao's eyes were red and he said, "follow." Zhou Haiquan this kind of big man, most cannot see the man to cry, saw his red eye socket, the mouth moved, said coldly: "What do you cry?" Xiao Yao also does not speak, the pear flower one spring brings the rain. Zhou Haiquan: You.. You go out. Xiao Yao came out with red eyes and said to Zhou Hairong: "Nothing, really nothing." A pitiful look of enduring humiliation. Zhou Hairong blushed a little and kept apologizing to Xiao Yao when he sent him out, saying, "You give me some time, and I will convince my eldest brother." Xiao Yao thought to himself, "You can't convince me. Your eldest brother and I are set to hate each other!" But he could only nod and say, "I believe you." Zhou Hairong's eyes were moist: "I knew you were the most considerate." Zhou Hairong called the driver at home to take him. On the way back, it rained. The spring rain was as fine as a cow's hair, and the whole city was foggy. Xiao Yao leaned back in his chair and opened the window a little. The April rain was a little cold. The newly blooming crabapples on the street were all broken petals on the ground. This meal is really suffering, probably because the family background is not the same, he actually can not understand the original Xiao Yao this kind of single-minded to the rich and powerful family mentality, what radish what pit, the wrong marriage, what can be a good end, married in the past is also cannon fodder. He and Xiao Yao really have very different lives. Although he was born in a single-parent family, his mother devoted all her efforts and family belongings to his training. He can speak English, Japanese and French. He writes well and draws well. The piano and drums are all easy to catch. Taekwondo is already a black belt. The most important thing is that God has given him a good skin. Since junior high school, he has received awards hanging all over the wall and received love letters according to the pile. So people wear books better and better, but he is good, dressed as a vase with no other advantages except good-looking, or a cannon fodder, green tea bitch. Xiao Yao, is a green tea bitch,tape measure clip, outside Jiao timid pear flower a spring with rain, behind closed doors on the prick. Although she became a rich and powerful daughter-in-law, she was destined to be a cannon fodder daughter-in-law.
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