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"Why don't you come to the Changle Gang?" Night rebuke eyes a light, send out an invitation. Changle? Li Ye looked up in surprise. "Do you want me to join Changle?" "Not bad." The reaction of the glass night is called night rebuke some perturbed, "Changle development is good, in the rivers and lakes is also a gang of two, we are very United, will not humiliate you.." "Oh, I didn't mean anything else." Li Ye hurriedly explained, "Of course I know Changle is good, but I'm surprised you invited me to join the gang at this time." So you said yes? Welcome to Changle! "The night scolds a smile, does not have the psychological preparation the glass night to look one to stay." No — all right. Li Ye sighed, and some are not confident, "it is said that you are all masters, I will not go." The words behind did not say explicitly, but the night rebuke took the hint, "No!"! They are too happy to be happy! Looked at the glass night's eyes soft a few minutes, "besides, you are also a master now!" And I want you to come.. Li Ye submitted an application to join the gang, and the night rebuke quickly accepted her to join the gang, and then the gang channel flooded the screen, mostly by accident! "Who received it?" "Night rebukes the elders!" "Wow!" …… "Li Ye, the first doctor in Jianghu?" Isn't the elder of the night rebuke never in charge? Why did you accept yourself this time? "Go through the back door!" "Don't talk nonsense!" …… Glass night quite some flustered, raised his eyes helplessly looking at the night rebuke,industrial racking systems, night rebuke heart under a move, gently holding her hand. Quiet, everyone! Night rebuke soon sent out a gang message, the original lively gang channel suddenly quiet down. Stay in Changle for a long time, who doesn't know that the current gang leader is just nominal, and the night rebuke elder is the big BOSS behind the scenes. As you know, Li Ye is the first famous doctor in Jianghu, not only in the past,automated warehouse systems, but also in the present and in the future. Moreover, her martial arts are comparable to mine, and I asked her to join Changle. The tone was suddenly stern, "I don't want anyone to have a different view of Li Ye!"! Let's treat her like an elder now! When I contact the spirit (Changle Gang Leader), she will officially take office. In an uproar, Li Ye unexpectedly pulled the sleeve of the night rebuke desperately, but the night rebuke was not moved. Do you hear clearly? …… Li Ye sat sullenly. "How can you make your own decisions?"? I don't want to be an elder at all! "It's just a name, and you don't have to do anything!" Night rebuke also understood that his arbitrariness just now must have made Li Ye unhappy. However, if not, which day Li Ye said to go. A person who has a position in the gang needs to apply to leave the gang. He can leave the gang only after the leader removes his position. "By the way, what flowers do you like?" Hurriedly changed the subject. Flower Li Ye slanted his head and thought, "I like all kinds of flowers.". I don't seem to have any flowers I don't like. "There's always a favorite." "Well, I really don't know-orchids?" "I like pear blossoms best." "Ah!"! I always thought you liked plum blossoms. "Do you like pear blossoms?" Without waiting for the glass night to answer, the night scolded and went on, "Pear blossoms are like quiet girls, lonely spring dusk.". Spring cherishes innocence, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehouse storage racks, and jade cheeks wash wind and dew. Suyuetan contrast, awestruck to see the demeanor. Hate no dust outsiders, for the continuation of the snow fragrance sentence. "Lonely fragrance is too pure. Don't send any flowers." "yuan Haowen's poem!" At this moment, Li Ye was really impressed by the night scolding. Even she herself only saw a lot of pear blossoms in Pear Blossom Village. One day, she read the poems about pear blossoms and realized that there was such a poem. The night scolded and shook his head. If he told her that it was only because of her that he knew the poem and remembered it, how would she react? "Pear flowers are white in color and elegant in fragrance.". I like it very much, too. Li Ye seemed to think of the days in Pear Flower Village, when he was at peace with the world and was as carefree as a fairy. The night scolds quietly looks at the glass night blurred side face, the mind is in a trance. She should not understand that he used flowers as a metaphor for love. Yes, how beautiful, not a worldly flower. Gently, almost whispering, Li Ye looked back at him subconsciously, but was startled by the tenderness in his eyes. My God, is that a night call? How could he show such a soft expression? What a surprise! Li Ye stroked his heart and felt his heart pounding. This period of time, the night rebuke has given her too many surprises, get along with every second, will find his change, in fact, at this moment of the night rebuke has completely subverted the previous cold image in her heart. Hey, I don't know what happened to them in summer. I was in such a hurry yesterday that I came back without saying hello. "Why don't I accompany you to find them?" "No, no.". There's nothing to do. Li Ye waved his hand again and again, and peeked at the night scolding. It was really different. When did he become so enthusiastic? You "You-" The two men spoke in unison and immediately turned away from each other in embarrassment. "I-" "How about-" Ah, Li Ye sighed, "What's the matter? You say it first." Night rebuke held the teacup in his hand, "I-" and gently put the teacup back on the table, night rebuke stood up, "last time in a hurry, you certainly did not look at Changle carefully. Why don't I show you around? "Yes." Li Ye nodded with a smile, "that's what I mean!" If you have been to Canglang Pavilion, you will find that Changle is strikingly similar to it. A pool of green water surrounds the garden, with rugged mountains and rocks, winding corridors like belts, and leaking windows in the corridors integrate the mountains and rivers inside and outside the garden. The park is dominated by mountains and rocks, with towering ancient trees on the mountains, pools chiseled under the mountains, and a winding corridor connecting the mountains and rivers. Outside the pavilion, there is a clear pool, winding railings and corridors, grey ancient trees and stacked lake stones. The structure of the pavilion is quaint and elegant, with flying eaves in the air. The word "Changle" on the stone forehead of the pavilion is consistent with the inscription on the plaque at the entrance, while the couplet carved on the stone pillar reads: "The clear breeze and bright moon are priceless, and there are feelings near the water and distant mountains." It's also elegant. Liye dark praise, and then pace forward. A corner, but see the stone path twists and turns, green around, before and after the banana shade, bamboo cypress cross green, the wind suddenly rises,asrs warehouse, thousands of poles shake the air, dripping green and even green, refreshing.


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