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After a while, Xia Feng walked out of the tree hole and let Qingqing and Xiaowu play with the equipment and gold coins on the ground. He came to the exit of the canyon and looked at the monster surging inside. Nangong Hu won't die, will he? Alas. No, didn't you just say that if one side fails, the task can't be completed? But why? Why have you finished the task now? Ding, the second-level task of the Nangong Family Mercenary Corps has been completed. The system will send you out in five minutes. Please get ready. Xia Feng, Xiao Wu and Qing Qing received the task at the same time. However, Nangong Hu, Xiaoyao Jushi and Xiangmei, who were now fighting fiercely, were suddenly stunned and almost killed by the monster. They hurried back to find a safe place. Nangong Hu and Xiaoyao Jushi looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other's eyes. Summer Wind! "Summer Wind!" Nangong Hu and Xiaoyao Jushi said the name almost at the same time, and they smiled. I didn't think it would be like this. I thought we couldn't even get through here, but I didn't think he had finished the task. It's incredible! There are words in Xiaoyao Jushi's words, the meaning of which makes Nangong Hu blush. With a slight nod, Nangong Hu said, "This man will make great achievements in the True World. I don't want to be an enemy of myself!" Xiaoyao Jushi nodded at the same time, two people are not talking, Nangong Hu opened his communicator, and then said to Xia Feng, several people are ready to be sent out by the system. Ding,filter nozzle, national announcement, Huaxia District Forbidden City, Nangong Family Second-level Corps is the first team to complete the task of upgrading the Corps in the Huaxia War Zone. The system rewards 1000 reputations, 1000 gold coins, and a piece of Nangong Mercenary Corps. It will take effect when it has the order to build a gang, and will be permanently registered in the Huaxia War Zone. Hereby announce! Ding, national announcement.. Ding, national announcement.. Still three times the announcement will lift a tornado in the Huaxia War Zone,disc air diffuser, and now the three main cities of the Huaxia District are almost boiling up, the Nangong family of the Forbidden City? Second Class Corps? Is this a person? Unexpectedly completed the task of the second-level corps, this task is said to be a super boss of level 35, and the limit is 20 people, now the highest level on the list is only 27. No, wait, it's level 30. That Yuhuang. In this case, then this Yuhuang is not related to this task? No, the silver boss of level 35 won't let him rise so fast even if he has a high experience. It was only level 27 in the morning, and now it's level 30. It's impossible. Nangong Hu's thought was rejected by him as soon as he thought of it, because the two members of his Nangong family and the three members of Xiaoyao Jushi had not been promoted through the canyon, and the Yuhuang had been promoted two levels in a row, so the possibility that Xia Feng was Yuhuang was ruled out. The most important thing is, if the experience of this level 30 monster is so rich, wall penstocks ,Rotating sludge scraper, why did you only upgrade to level 22 in the canyon? He can't be promoted two levels in a row, can he? But also twenty-seven, and Xiangmei son, her own person is only a level, so here must not be him! But this Yuhuang immediately became the number one topic in the Chinese war zone, as long as there is a place to gossip, you can hear the word Yuhuang, occupy the rank list steadily, the top two in the equipment list, this Yuhuang is simply terrible. Players will not complain here, because this "Real World" is 100% bug-free, if you want to question the fairness of the real world, you might as well go to a psychologist to see if you are wrong about the level of Yuhuang. The entrance to the canyon. All six of Xia Feng were sent out. Xiang Meier took a strange look at Xia Feng and then stopped talking. Nangong Hu said with a smile, "Brother Xia is really tough. He has finished the task before we reach the last moment. It's amazing!" "Oh, just kidding, just lucky!" Xia Feng said, and then took out the black thing from his backpack and handed it to Nangong Hu: "This is for you. If it's all right, we'll leave first!" Chapter 46 was abandoned. Chapter 46 was abandoned. Nangong Hu got the second-level token, nodded, folded his fists and said, "I hope I can do the task with the Xia brothers if I have a chance!" Xia Feng nodded and smiled, Xiaoyao Jushi looked at Xia Feng with a smile on his face, Xiang Meier's eyes were very complicated, in short, he never let Xia Feng see himself pay attention to him. Back in the Forbidden City, players can be seen everywhere talking, mostly talking about the Nangong family and the person on the list, rising three levels a day, which makes many people incredible. Why do you always have miss? "To lightning attacks? Qingqing asked on the way. Xia Feng was slightly stupefied. He turned to look at Xiao Wu and Qing Qing and said, "It's nothing. It's just a strong point. But you can't tell anyone about what happened today. Ran Yue can!" "Why?" Qingqing was surprised to say, Ran Yue has such a powerful master, why not let everyone know publicly? Isn't that strengthening Ran Yue's momentum? Xia Feng smiled and said, "Because I'm Ran Yue's secret weapon. It won't be announced until the critical moment!" "Cut, smelly fart, wish you buy instant noodles tonight without seasoning bag!" With a snort of anger, Qingqing pulled Xiaowu back to Juxianglou. Then the summer wind horse on and off the line, online time has been a lot, I don't know if the star boy has risen to level ten, and even if it rises to level ten, it will not be transmitted to the periphery of the imperial city. After getting off the line, Xia Feng suddenly asked about the familiar taste of hot pot, a burst of warmth in his heart, which only appeared when the three swordsmen were together, although there was still one less person. The star ferry saw Xia Feng and said with a smile, "Boss, you're offline. I'm at the first and ninth levels. I should be able to transfer tomorrow." Then he continued to play with the vegetables and meat slices on the plate. Xia Feng nodded,Mechanical fine screen, the name of the three swordsmen is not their own, is a myth built by the three, so the other two people will not be weak where to go. There's a message from the old United States! Said the star ferry suddenly.
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