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Posted by DonnaStella123 from the Agriculture category at 02 Mar 2023 03:07:36 am.
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I absolutely love, love, love what the Bengals made of their debut day. I was afraid that this team was likely to exceed its allowance on big deals like Terron Armstead, or J.C. Jackson. Instead, the Bengals have made smaller, smart deals that have made them immediately better , and they have the ability to invest more as they progress.

G Alex Cappa, 4 years 35MC Ted Karras, 3 years, $18MRe-signed DT B.J. Hill, 3 years, $30 Cappa and Karras are both immediate starters on a woeful offensive line. Hill was the only bright spot on defense which merited a re-signing. And most importantly: the Bengals still have $21M to take advantage of.

There are a few moves to be taken in the secondary to improve the overall unit, however Cincinnati took major steps towards solving their biggest problems immediately without being in a rush to overspend.Green Bay has an elite, top-tier receiver in Davante Adams , who isn't under his franchise tag. The Packers must attempt to agree on a new deal. They must make it happen despite the threat of Christian Kirk's colossal deal.

This is a huge loss for the team it's so terrible. There's already a lot of cap pressure on the team. If Kirk is earning upwards of $70 million, it's fair to assume Adams feels he's worthy of a $100M deal. This is a huge problem for the Packers and, frankly, it's on them for not having this extension worked out some time ago, since this isn't a good thing.

It's a long way to go. Madden NFL 23 free season doesn't officially begin on March 16. but we already know who the biggest winner is going to be. Mitch Trubisky won't be the highest-paid player of the season but the lack of QB ability and a plethora of teams that are in need will force him to earn well over the market value of his services.

There's been a raging flurry concerning his time as a former Bears QB and the Bears QB, to the point that absurd and absurd comparisons have been made, such as this one from Madden NFL "Statistically in Years 2-4. Trubisky is compared favorably to the such players as Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers at that point in their careers."

Trubisky is no longer an Hail Mary QB signing, the player is being compared to Hall of Famer. It's silly season, and there's nothing more silly than this. We don't know how far these bidding battles can go, but we do have a few ideas. According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler said Trubisky's name is one of the hottest names on the market, and it could lead to an NFL team that is paying more than $10 million per season.

At first glance, it might appear to be a modest amount for a quarterback But it's amazing for a guy who earned a meager $2.5 million in his time as the backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo. It's even more impressive when you consider that Trubisky wasn't doing anything significant, except for an investment in a solid franchise.

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