Walkthrough for the Elden Ring gold: Guardians' Garrison

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The Guardians' Garrison is a modest fort that can be found in one of the outlying and most inaccessible parts of Elden Ring. In order for players to access this location, they will initially need to gain access to the Mountaintops of the Giants by claiming victory over Morgott, the Omen King located in Leydell. Because the Mountaintops of the Giants, unlike the majority of other regions, does not have any waygates or shortcuts leading up to Elden Ring Runes PC for sale, you will need to make some progress in the story in order to be able to travel here. Even though the Mountaintops of the Giants have a reputation for being one of the most desolate regions in all of the Lands Between, there are still a few fascinating places that you should check out while you are there. There are a few of them, and the Guardians' Garrison is one of them. You won't want to pass up this opportunity to get your hands on the extremely potent shield, the Prayerbook, and the other assorted trinkets and adornments that are lying around. How To Get To The Guardians' Base Of OperationsYou will have to walk right by the Guardians' Garrison in order to reach the Forge of the Giants, which is the primary objective you have to accomplish in this part of the zone.

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1. After gaining access to the region through the Grand Lift of Rold, travel to the north until you reach the Zamor Ruins, and then continue along the road as it winds its way up the mountain
2. At some point, you will arrive at a lengthy stone bridge that will lead you to the ruins of the Ancient Snow Valley
3. From here, head in a northeasterly direction, and when you reach the frozen river, make a left turn
4. Keep going in the direction of the river until you reach the Site of Grace at Freezing Lake
5. If you want to get to the fort as quickly as possible, start your journey from the Site of Grace and head southeast along the mountain cliff
6. If you aren't in a hurry, you can take a short detour and make your way toward the middle of the lake
7. There, you will be ambushed by a powerful Dragon boss known as Borealis, the Freezing Fog
8. If you aren't in a hurry, you can continue straight ahead
If you choose to remain close to the cliff and avoid engaging the boss, you will eventually find the Spiritcaller Cave. From that vantage point, you will have a clear view of the First Church of Marika, which is home to an Activatable Site of Grace. If you leave that location and head to the west, you will quickly come across a Spiritspring that will lead you to the Lord Contender's Evergoal. It won't take you more than a stone's throw to get to the Guardians' Garrison to the southwest of there. The entrance to the Garrison is protected by a large number of Fire Monks and Thorn Sorcerers, the majority of whom will not attack you unless you get too close to them. Because he is accompanied by a retinue of his followers and is quite powerful in melee combat, you should try to eliminate the Fire Prelate using ranged attacks if you want to clear out the area around the entrance before going in. You will find a Rotten Stray and a Golden Rune (10) hidden behind some crates on the balcony of the interior of the fort, which you can access after you have dealt with the foes outside in whatever manner you see fit.

Head inside the fort. Return to the interior of the building and eliminate the Rotten Stray and Flame Guardian that are lingering near the staircase. Proceed up the stairs to locate a few dead rats and a body that is holding a six-pack of smoldering butterflies. You need to descend, then navigate around the platform to locate another rat and a ladder that will take you to the next level. Ascend the stairs to reach the rampart, but keep an eye out for the two Flame Guardians who are patrolling the area. Due to the fact that they are easily killed but have powerful attacks, it is best to take them on one at a time. You will find a dead body holding a Smithing Stone (7) at the end of the walkway. Once you have found it, make your way back and break the crates next to the rampart to expose another wooden walkway that goes around the outside of the building. If you want to get to the next level, just follow the walkway and then head up the stairs. You'll find Chief Guardian Arghanthy and a few dogs on the upper floor of the building.

You can put all of your attention on the hostile NPC by eliminating the dogs as quickly as possible with an area-of-effect spell or a weapon art. When it comes to combat, Chief Guardian Arghanthy is a fairly challenging foe who makes use of a wide variety of offensive incantations centered around fire. Be wary of the shield she wields as well because it can spew flames that deal a significant amount of damage to anyone caught in their path. When you have successfully defeated her, you will be able to take possession of the One-Eyed Shield for yourself. The fort is now free of danger because the Chief Guardian has been eliminated, but before you leave, you should make sure to ascend the nearby tower and look in the chest at the top of the tower for the Giant's Prayerbook.
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