Fire Red Cheat Codes

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Posted by tiara from the General category at 27 Feb 2023 08:15:29 am.
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Who has never utilized Game Shark cheats to advance their Pokémon in the Fire Red form ? This normal practice in Game Kid Advance made life a lot simpler for mentors. Getting your Charmander to Charizard was a lot quicker utilizing a couple of extra Interesting Confections, for instance. Simply recollect that you want to save the game prior to utilizing Game Shark assuming you degenerate your saved document . Likewise, you really want the Expert Code for different codes to work: Expert Code: 000077CA 000A 1004448C 0007
Fire Red Cheat Codes
Uncommon Sweets, Expert Ball and Cash
Pokemon most extreme status
Limitless things
Get Pokémon
1. Uncommon Sweets, Expert Ball and Boundlessness Cash
Code Effect Code Comments
Uncommon candy 820258400044 You needn't bother with the Expert Code
Limitless Expert Balls in Key Things part of Bag 8202595c 0001 8202595e 0063 High gamble of crashing and losing everything
Step up quickly 82023D50 270F Will possibly quit rising when you switch off the code
Stroll through walls 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4
Boundless money 82025838104E 8202583AE971
Get everything for $ 1 3C25A344 FD8F451C AD86124F 2823D8DA
Limitless Expert Balls on PC 82025840 0001
Uncommon Limitless Confections on PC 82025840 0044
There are no arbitrary battles A202166EFF00 820255AC0000
Go anywhere 42026592FFFF 000000070002
Win all Pokéballs 420259D80001 0001000C0004 420259DA5212 0000000C0004
All berries 42025AF40085 0001002B0004 42025AF65212 0000002B0004
Acquire 5,000 experience 7300218C0001 82023D501388
Acquire 1000 experience 7300218C0001 82023D5003E8
All HMs 42025A0C0153 000100080004
All TMs 42025A2C0121 000100320004 42025A2E5212 000000320004
Wild Pokémon at level 100 927366193cae 35ee765d9888 C21450c1ce34 E1d22ee0ced0 6be537884313
Step up quick in DayCare 820285B0FFFF 8202863CFFFF
Free daycar 820370C20000
Pokémon Egg Breaks Fast 3202864200FE
Egg Pokémon is male 320286400016
Egg Pokémon is female 20286400093
Time doesn't end in Safari 820399960258
Interminable Safari Pokéballs 820399940063
Simple to-catch Safari Pokémon 72023D749A3C 82023D749A53
Each Pokémon is not difficult to capture. 72023D749A30 82023D749A53
Full Pokédex Identifications and Insignia 8202658CFFFF
Public Dex On 3202461F00B9 320265900001 820266446258
Full Pokédex 4202462CFFFF 0000003C0002 42025BA0FFFF 0000001A0002 42028FC0FFFF 0000001A0002
All are limitless items 420258420063
Limitless PP 42023C086363 000000020002
Reset game time 000000020002
Stop the game time 320246160000
2. Most extreme Pokémon Status
Code Effect Code
first Pokémon 20242DA03E7 000000070002
second Pokémon 4202433E03E7 000000070002
third Pokémon 420243A203E7 000000070002
fourth Pokémon 4202440603E7 000000070002
fifth Pokémon 4202446A03E7 000000070002
sixth Pokémon 420244CE03E7 000000070002
3. Limitless Things
To have limitless things requires different codes than the Expert Code. They will adjust the PC thing space , so you can add the items you need there. Note that the "xxxx" ought to be supplanted with the code relating to the thing you need. See underneath:
PC Thing Modifier Space 1: 82025840 xxxx
PC Thing Modifier Space 2: 82025844 xxxx
PC Thing Modifier Space 3: 82025848 xxxx
PC Thing Modifier Space 4: 8202584C xxxx
PC Thing Modifier Space 5: 82025850 xxxx
Things for wellbeing or status recuperation
Item Code
Potion 000D
Max Potion 0014
Hyper Potion 0015
Super potion 0016
Full restore 0013
Antidote 000E
Consume heal 000F
Ice heal 0010
Awakening 0011
Parlyz Heal 0012
Full heal 0017
Relive 0018
Max Revive 0019
New water 001A
Soft drink pop 001B
Lemonade 001C
Moomoo Milk 001D
Energypowder 001E
Energy root 001F
Mend Powder 0020
Restoration Herb 0021
Ether 0022
Max ether 0023
Elixir 0024
Max elixir 0025
Magma Cookie 0026
Berry Juice 002C
Hallowed Ash 002D
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