What Are the Advantages of Outdoor Tiles?

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Posted by SarahAddyson from the General category at 24 Feb 2023 12:29:57 pm.
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Outdoor tiles
Your home should be a welcoming place that reflects your personality. You are a person who appreciates luxury and elegance, and for this reason, you know the value of a well-implemented design. Have you ever thought of ways to add a splash of colour to your backyard? Sometimes the answers to our requirements can come in relatively simple ways, and in this case, outdoor tiles can be precisely the solution you need to implement your original vision. But what are tiles?

If we are to go by the dictionary definition, tiles are rectangular pieces of heat-treated clay or porcelain. But in reality, they are more than that. Tiles can be an accessory that can radically change your home's interior or exterior design. Wall and floor tiles can increase the value of your building and transform dull rooms into authentic festivals of colour and abstract patterns. But you may be interested in the more practical aspects of tile implementation. Therefore, in the following article, we will present some of the advantages of tile application and list how they can change the atmosphere of your property.

Why Choose Outdoor Tiles?

In short, because they present a perfect balance between design and practicality. Outdoor porcelain tiles are durable and are specially treated to withstand heavy traffic and sudden changes in weather conditions. They need to endure everything from the scorching summer sun to the storms of the spring months. High-quality outdoor tiles experience both sub-freezing and sweltering temperatures, which are difficult to tolerate. But there are many materials you could use for your outdoor flooring, so why choose tiles?

Compared to gravel or wood decking, tiles require very little maintenance to maintain a fresh appearance. And compared to stone or poured concrete, their design can be customised to reflect your personality. Want your backyard to look like an Ottoman palace? Then you can probably find a pattern that will help you achieve this. High-quality outdoor tiles have anti-slip properties, are water-resistant, and have a PEI rating of a minimum of four or five.

In addition, compared to materials such as natural stone, outdoor porcelain tiles are typically a flexible and cost-efficient way to increase the usable space of your yard. Poured concrete must be allowed to dry, and it's prone to defects, whereas gravel or outdoor pavers can be expensive. Outdoor porcelain tiles are available in various sizes and textures, which can be helpful if your yard layout is unusual or if you live in an area prone to extreme weather phenomena.

What About Wall and Floor Tiles?

Tiles are a premium material that can significantly increase your home's market value over time. Installing wall and floor tiles inside your property can allow you to express your personality and model your floor plan according to your unique tastes. Tiles are versatile and can fit both your well-equipped kitchen and newly renovated bathroom. Tiles can adorn your walls with abstract patterns and surround your floors with exquisite designs. But is there a difference between wall and floor tiles?

Floor tiles are generally designed with practicality in mind. They are slightly thicker, heavier, water resistant, and have an abrasive texture that reduces the risk of slipping. On the other hand, wall tiles are mainly used for ornamental purposes. They are thinner, and their surface is glossier, which makes them slippery. Wall tiles are often available in a wider variety of bright colours and abstract patterns, and their sizes are, as a general rule, smaller than their floor counterpart. Nevertheless, both types of tiles have the potential to transform your home into a true centre of personal creativity.

What to Choose Between Tiles and Laminate Flooring?

The international tile industry is steadily growing, which can be seen in the increasing number of tile models available in the Australian market. But you are a person who keeps their options open, so you may wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of wall and floor tiles are compared to laminate flooring. For one thing, being made of either ceramic or porcelain, tiles are durable and have higher durability to repeated wear and tear than typical laminate flooring.

Another advantage of tiles compared to laminate floors is water resistance. While a laminate floor can swell from water, tiles will always remain unaffected by moisture or spillage, making them easy to clean. Last but not least, tiles come in a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures, making them invaluable accessories for people who want to personalise their space to their liking.

However, the list is somewhat shorter when it comes to downsides. Compared to laminate flooring, tiles have to be professionally installed, which can be a bit more expensive, and the final price of tiles is, as a general rule, a bit higher than in the case of laminate flooring. But if you decide to sell your home, this can turn in your favour, as tiles can add significantly to your property's market value.
Wall and floor tiles

Choose What Makes Your Household Stand Out

Why should you choose outdoor tiles? Because they represent the best value for money for your particular applications. Tiles are versatile and stylish. And their versatility makes them available in a myriad of sizes, colours and textures that can work together to bring out your creativity. Would you like to make your courtyard look like a Renaissance palace? Then you can effortlessly bring your vision to fruition. And the same applies if you are interested in wall and floor tiles.

Interior tiles are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home. Their versatility makes them an ideal material, whether we're talking about usage in a living room or covering a kitchen wall. Large or small, abstract or minimalist, textured or glossy, tiles can increase the market value of your home, form a durable flooring that will stand the test of time, and, last but not least, help you create a comfortable and eye-pleasing environment for your beloved family.
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