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LR051702 Company Profile
Zibo Yashiyi Trading Company Co.Ltd locate at Zibo City, Our team core members have more than 20 years of experience in international trade. We specialized in auto suspension and cooling parts, such as air spring, air strut, shock absorber assembly and other die casting water pump parts etc. Our factory involves in R&D, manufacture and sales service; we have all sorts of manufacture equipment and product testing devices 300 sets, For more than two decades, we has demonstrated a commitment to developing exceptional air suspension technology and earning the trust of distributors, installers and end users. Our鈥檚 long list of innovations and patents has cemented our position as a global supplier in aftermarket air suspension replacement solutions.
Yashiyi offers more than 350SKUs quality aftermarket air suspension products covering most of applications of air spring, air strut, shock absorber assembly and other die casting water pump. Yashiyi has always focused on ensuring customer satisfaction by manufacturing high-quality, aftermarket products that offer OE form, fit and function at an affordable price.
Our products mainly used in automobile air suspension system and cooling system.
CEO's Message
Yashiyi company has provided automotive parts and industrial parts to meet customer needs. We manufacture and sell products which has big share of the global market, We aim 鈥淪haping a Better Future鈥?as Yashiyi VISION.
We will fulfill our corporate responsibility by delivering best products that our customers have never experienced before at a 鈥済ood quality, low price鈥? Moving forward, we aim to further strengthen our production, sales and technology framework and strive to provide better products and services. We would like to express deepest gratitude to all of you for past support to our company. And We humbly request that you will continue to provide us with your encouragement and guidance.
Team Introduced
Yashiyi always appreciate team members value. Our biggest asset is Yashiyi 鈥淗uman Resources.鈥?By respecting our team meber鈥?passion and their KAIZEN mind which pursuits 鈥淪omething Better鈥? we will increase the number of members who think and act on their own to make continuous KAIZEN.. Our team average age is 26. We will try all the best to meet your needs.
Company Certificate
Company has passed IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification requirement.
Competitive Advantage
Our company has advanced manufacture and testing equipment at home and abroad, such as 3D printer, three coordinate measuring instrument, high and low temperature test chamber testing machine, product life test bench and other professional equipment.
R&D Capability
Yashiyi鈥檚 R&D development team has total 50 engineers which focus on automotive parts research and development.Our R&D team can develop customized products based on clients need. The company's laboratory is composed of metrology room, testing room and laboratory. We have established company measurement standards in electricity, mechanics, length. It has advanced high-precision testing equipment at home and abroad, such as 3D printer, three coordinate measuring instrument, optical projection measuring instrument, high and low temperature test chamber, waterproof, sand and dust test chamber, automatic spring testing machine, motor dynamometer and product life test and other professional equipment.
Industry Status
Products mainly export to Europe, Middle East, South America, our products have received good reputation at home and abroad.
Corporate Vision
Seek to contribute to the happiness of people and the abundance of society through product manufacturing. Create value for customer and society.
Company Philosophy
Our warranty is the best standard in the automotive aftermarket industry. For our customers, Yashiyi offers One-Year Warranty on all Yashiyi-branded air springs, air strut and shock assemblies.
We forge meaningful relationships with every customer and strive to support their continued success. By offering a comprehensive product line at an exceptional value backed by best-in-class support and a trusted global distribution network, Yashiyi gives its distributors, resellers and installers the necessary tools to maximize their growth opportunities. Also we can recommend suitable products for you according to your needs.LR051702
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