You're awarded for putting yourself darker

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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 24 Feb 2023 12:27:20 am.
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I'm hoping you'll be able to support this thread by engaging in discussions about the thread and its ideas in more detail while refining and building on it so that it stays at the top of discussions where the devs can see it and hopefully implement it in time for the next play test.

Be really is to the benefit of Dark and Darker

"Current problems: The combat is all about movement or we can call it positioning as well as what gear you're using and what your health bar's appearance is. Other equipment can also assist until you enter melee."

This isn't a problem, this is the center element of the game.

The game is about the strategic elements of the fight The actual execution of the fight is not considered to be a significant factor.

You're awarded for putting yourself in a position to benefit before the fight begins and not just for performing a twist-crouch technique you learned on youtube.

I love these types of games, without snark, but this isn't this kind of game.

This kind of action-related skill ceiling down is precisely why the devs have effectively eliminated Wizard with very over-reaching reductions (and Ranger is next).

You have seriously misunderstood the general idea here.

This is similar to going to the CS:GO game and asking for no Medic as well as Spy.
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