Saints Row 4 Cheats PS4

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Posted by tiara from the General category at 21 Feb 2023 05:16:51 am.
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Likewise with most games, Holy people Line 4 additionally has a few cheats for you to appreciate. A few codes give valuable (even uncalled for) benefits for you not to stress over anything more, while others are only for the joke. If it's not too much trouble, note: The cheats underneath fit all stages (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). To actuate them, simply stop the game, select " Additional items " and " Cheats ". Then just add the codes underneath. In the event that the cheat is right, you will hear an affirmation sound. Additionally know that accomplishments can't be finished when the cheats are on, and the Auto Save capability doesn't work.
Saints Row 4 Cheats PS4
Code It is made
cheese Provides $ 100,000
letsrock Provides a weapon set
vroom Vehicles don't get harm
repaircar Restore current vehicle
goodygoody Clean up the reputation
runfast Infinite race
nowardens Wardens never again show up
instantwarden Instant Superintendents Reputation
superblast Enable Impact
superbuff Enable Buff
superdfa Enable Passing from A higher place
superstomp Enable Step
supertk Enables Supernatural power
nosupermove Disables Super Development
nosuperpowers Disables Super Powers
ascii Turn on ascii mode
bigheadmode Turn on Enormous Head mode
imhuge Giant character
ittybitty Small character
noglitchcity Disables Error FX
evilcars Enables Insidious Vehicles mode
fryhole Bodies flying through the air
fastforward Speeds up time
insanecity Enables Crazy City Mode
mascot Pedestrians Become Mascots
hohoho Pedestrians turn pimps and whores
isquishyou Vehicles are effectively destructible.
goldengun Kill with 1 hit. Should be opened in the game.
notrated Every dead one detonates. Should be opened in the game.
slowmo Slow camera mode. Should be opened in the game.
dlc_sosuper Enables Super Updates. DLC Chief Honor Pack Restrictive.
dlc_unlimited_ammo Infinite ammunition. DLC Leader Honor Pack Selective.
dlc_unlimited_clip Infinite slug brush. DLC Leader Honor Pack Selective.
dlc_never_die Immortal. DLC Leader Honor Pack Selective.
dlc_superduper Increases strength by 100 percent. DLC Leader Honor Pack Selective.
unlockitall Unlocks everything.
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