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With a list of places that he had in your head, Provost was then able to meet the game's creator to make sure they remain in the context of the game's story prior to sending Clayton out to look for their counterparts in real life and create sketches of the concept. However, when it was time to build the levels of this game, new challenges were created. The game's mechanics and the artistic vision were at odds with one their respective strengths, and the team needed to find the best way to strike an appropriate balance between these two.

"Lighting was a huge problem for us because it was utilized both to enhance mood and also as a component of gameplay," Provost said. "We experienced a variety of scenarios where the lighting could not be used to meet the requirements of the game." The challenge was to determine for the player what areas were lit in a way that was pleasing to the eye and what areas Dawn could move into. It was a matter of saturation. by reducing the areas Dawn was unable to be able to phase into, the player's attention is naturally drawn toward places where she could, while keeping the moody mood the team was trying to achieve.

As the game was progressing, it became apparent that the musical aspect of Contrast could have the same impact as the visuals, much to the delight of the game's creator. "I wasn't aware that we'd be able have a singer included in this game" Provost admitted, "but I've always wanted to have one." At the very least, Provost was hoping to use a single track as the game's teaser. It came from Sway of Julie London, a famous actor and singer in the 1950's.

After negotiations (and changing the terms) with the owners of the song, Provost found himself at an impasse.What began as a fair licensing cost soon ballooned to more than ten times the amount Compulsion had initially planned to pay, and that was just to use a 30 second clip!

It was impossible that Compulsion could be able to afford this kind of purchase. In addition the deadline for the project was rapidly approaching, and the crew was already working on editing the album to make it more in tune with London's music. This option was out of the question. The team was in need of a new tune and wanted it quick."I returned home feeling down that night, because I was just not able to afford the moneyto buy it," stated Provost. "

However that night, I had been listening to a track from Laura Ellis, a contemporary artist I found while researching for the game. I loved the way it was did sound." Ellis's feminine, jazzy style was just the type of music Contrast required. "I cold-called her...explained the reason for our call and she said she would donate her music in exchange for a donation to."

The next week, Contrast was released in Steam Greenlight where, as Provost states, "the community really responded to the music of the game." The game's fans were so enthusiastic about Ellis her music that they called her back and asked whether she would be willing to perform throughout the game. Everyone was delighted when Ellis agreed. "That's been amazing," said Provost. "We're very fortunate to be able to have Laura assist us and contribute an ear to this game."

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