Lego Batman Codes

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Posted by tiara from the General category at 19 Feb 2023 06:04:02 am.
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Lego Batman Codes
Find the Pc of the Batcave and embed the codes you like. ZAQ637: Alfred. KNTT4B: Bat-Tank. JKR331: Batgirl. LEA664: Bruce Wayne Personal luxury plane. M1AAWW: Catwoman (Traditional). HPL826: Catwoman's bike. HJK327: Comedian Thug. HGY748: Fishmonger. XVK541: Freeze Young lady. DUS483: Dump truck. GCH328: Menace Helicopter. CHP735: Harbor helicopter. RDT637: Mallet Truck by Harley Quinn. WYD5CP: Invulnerability. UTF782: Joker hooligan. YUN924: Rider crony. JCA283: Frantic Hatter. HS000W: Frantic Hatter lightweight plane . M4DM4N: Frantic Hatter steamship. NYU942: Man-Bat. MKL382: Military Police. ICYICE: Ice sheet of Mr. Cold. BCT229: Mr. Cold's Kart. NKA238: Penguin hooligan. BTN248: Penguin hooligan submarine. BJH782: Penguin crony. GTB899: Toxin Ivy Hooligan. LJP234: Police bike. PLC999: Police boat. KJL832: Squad car. CWR732: Police helicopter. HKG984: Police shooter . JRY983: Cop. VJD328: Police fly ski. CRY928: Riddler's hooligan. XEU824: Riddler's crony. HAHAHA: Riddler's fly. TTF453: Robin's submarine. HTF114: Smack NAV592: Mariner. JFL786: Researcher. PLB946: Safety officer. JUK657: Poker Truck. EFE933: Two-sided heavily clad truck. DWR243: Zoo sweeper. JXUDY6: Safe to cold. WYD5CP: Strength. XWP645: More objectives for the Batarang. TTF453: Robin's submarine. BBD7BY: Blow ZOLM6N: You walk quicker. 18HW07: Your score is duplicated by 10. McDonald's Toys Enter these codes into the cheat screen. BDJ327: Bruce Wayne (from Batman's Batarang). DDP967: Official Gordon (from the Poker helicopter). XWP645: More Batarang (Batbote) targets. MVY759: Nightwing (from Robin's catch pitcher). KJP748: Penguin flunky (of the Penguin Submarine). MAC788: Police van (of the Batmobile). CCB199: The Joker (Tropical) (from the Poker Shock). NJL412: Sasquatch (from Mr. Cold's shot launcher More codes: Azrael (Red) GDE327 Blight GJQ423 Batgirl (Elective) DJE923 Batman KHJ286 Batman (Exemplary II) XKD847 Batman (Exemplary) PWX546 Catwoman JFE642 Catwoman (Exemplary) CHE928 Regular folks DAD822 Clayface JHZ292 QWE933 cleaners Crocodiles JAD829 Deadshot NBH743 Eco DEQ683 Laborers FHD226 BVY427 Firefly Harley Quinn CHA683 Harvey Bullock HYD897 Cohort NXE782 Huntress JCE824 Huntress (Elective) JDF983 Quiet NED423 Ivy Hooligan GHD743 Jack-in-the-case JHC608 HUN749 attendants The Joker hooligan YUN924 Executioner Croc ADJ938 Executioner Moth HFU382 Distraught Hatter JCA283 Man-Bat NYU942 Mr. Freeze NDA873 Menace of the Penguin BJH782 Flunky of The Penguin NKA238 Toxic substance Ivy DNS882 Toxin Ivy (Elective) GHX383 Police (Brain Control) MUB698 Police Sergeant FUC274 Police officer GVE243 Police officer (Expert sharpshooter) HKG984 Mystery BNU464 Ra's Al Ghul ZWS823 Red Hood ENG764 Menace of El Conundrum XEU824 Crony of El Puzzler CRY928 Robin VRY832 Robin (Fascination Suit) BRM379 Robin (Exemplary II) NHD347 Robin (Exemplary) DHN547 Robin (Jumping Suit) GXW623 Robin ( Envisioned Suit) CEG429 Robin (Mechanical Suit) BRD467 Scarecrow VED483 Logical (Hostile to gamble with suit) CEA839 Follower jumper NBU973 Security Direction (Psyche Control) controlled) ETT924 Security Official DRT368 XRG893 Treatment Plant Laborers DEG246 spoiler Smack SXY973 Smack (Psyche Control) DRG248 Talia FET642 Creeper COK982 The Joker FDR632 The XTG329 Penguin Riddle FRY732 Two faces XDY827 Crafty hooligan CFR893 Unscrupulous crony GUR426 The Ventrilocuo and Scarface GER846 Venus CXJ862 fly catcher
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