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Cain along with the handful of people who were left, would assist the Prince and his friends by offering advice and identifying objects for a small cost. The Prince was able to defeat Diablo and thwarted his return by driving the soulstone that held Diablo inside Aidan's head in an effort to contain Diablo from becoming the Lord of Terror within Aidan's own body.

Through the four acts of Diablo 2. Diablo rapidly imprisons the prince Aidan and the prince begins losing control of the Lord of Terror's spirit - and subsequently, the release of Hell's demons again onto Tristram. The player, who is a named warrior, saves Cain, and from then on Cain will become the hero's constant companion, offering to locate magical objects for free and providing tips from his vast collection of knowledge of the past to once again defeat the demon Diablo.

Cain is back as a character in Diablo 3 as a supporting character. The character of the player, known by the name of Nephalem regardless of which Diablo 3 class they choose The character is requested by Cain's Ward Leah to help save the scholar from the wreckage of Tristram Cathedral which had been struck by a "fallen star.'

The three suspect that the 'fallen star' is actually a person who they call 'the Stranger,' who has no memories aside from the fact that he was able to lose his sword. The Nephalem takes back the sword that was destroyed into three pieces, but their efforts are quickly stopped by the witch Maghda , who is able to seize the sword shards and captures Cain.

After the conclusion of Act 1 of the highly polarizing Diablo 3. the witch tortures Cain to make him fix the sword using his magic abilities, however he refuses, and is tortured further to levels of death.
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