There are two kinds of gems that

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There are two kinds of gems that you can consider for this build: legendary gems , and the regular gems. Everyone from all levels of income will be using this guide, and there are three charts with legendary gems to choose from.

Probability demands that even the cost of a benefit will not be enough to locate the best gems. So feel free use mix-and-match the charts based on your best stats of your character.

Primary attacks will indeed be needed once we reach the end of the Rift The final boss won't just stand waiting in a Spinning Shield. The defense boosts from these could help the Crusader to see the end also.

It's important to remember that more than a few of players have this Power and Command gem, even with five-star alternatives. If players can master the timing, they will gain an advantage on every attack they use and skills.

Berserker's Eye is, incredibly it is found on many of the most experienced builds but it is not as powerful of other 5-Star and 2-Star gems. With Punish blocking hits from bosses and a surrender to defense, it's not as noticeable as the gains gained.

Defensive gems are still available within the PvE build Don't forget about them completely. Gamers use them when Life, Armor or Resistance are lacking. Gamers can tell whether they have to replace an offensive item by the use of trial and error.
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