Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime Is Leaving A Very Lucrative Job

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If these organizations used games and services to communicate in a meaningful way like the agency claimed they could. This uncertainty, however, hasn't stopped the NSA and WoWHQ in launching their investigations. The WoWHQ had previously initiated a "vigorous campaign " to gather data from games, which included "exploitation programs" to Xbox Live and World of Warcraft as the documents reveal .

In addition, the NSA has begun to extract World of Warcraft metadata in attempts to link accounts as well as guilds, characters, and guilds to Islamic extremism and arms dealing groups. Through information gathering efforts the NSA discovered that some World of Warcraft subscribers were in reality "telecom engineers diplomats, embassy drivers as well as military personnel and various intelligence organizations," the documents show.

A spokesperson for Blizzard tainment told the Guardian, "We are unaware about any surveillance activities taking place. If it were then it was performed without our knowledge or permission." Representatives from Second Life and Microsoft declined to speak to. It's unclear how government agencies were able to access the user data in the first place, or exactly how wide the snooping indeed was.

Microsoft had previously decried "government snooping," vowing to enhance encryption moving forward. We will continue to follow the situation as it unfolds. Take a look at the entire 82-page report to learn more information.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime Is Leaving A Very Lucrative Job

Blizzard, the gaming giant behind games like World of Warcraft , has made a few adjustments to the way its employees are paid. Activision Blizzard's Proxy Statement reveals that the company has removed a program called"the Blizzard Holiday Plan. However, it states that it's simply changed in the event that that money comes into employees' pockets according to their opinions.
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