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A free-to-play game like Lost Ark runs the risk of incurring bot accounts along with real players since there is no barrier to entry, which can pose a threat to the in-game economy and interfere with legitimate players' experiences. With an active player count on the fall, Lost Ark has had an issue with bots in recent months, which would justify the use of Steam's platform-wide anti-cheat system to cull the bots from its servers. However, marking legitimate inactive players as bots and issuing a ban is a major problem for the game and could be seen as an abuse of Steam's system if not corrected.

Thankfully, it seems like developer Smilegate is aware of the problem and Lost Ark has responded to concerned players stating that the bans were triggered by a bug, and they are working to resolve the issue. As VAC bans are not appealable or reversible unless determined to be issued incorrectly, the ball is in Amazon and Smilegate's court to fix this situation. Unfortunately, with Lost Ark's declining player count, the game may not be able to bounce back from the review bomb triggered by these unjust bans

Lost Ark reveals more details about the MMORPG’s upcoming crossover event with The Witcher series and shares patch notes for the accompanying update.

The developer of the popular Korean MMO Lost Ark reveals more information about the game’s upcoming crossover with The Witcher. The crossover event launches tomorrow and includes a variety of new The Witcher-related content.

The free-to-play MMO Lost Ark launched in Korea in 2019 before hitting international markets in early 2022. It ended up becoming the breakout hit MMO of that year, though some criticized the western release for its excessive number of bot accounts. Lost Ark enjoys a respectable score of 81 on Metacritic and sees an average of over 1.5 million players a day, according to MMO Populations.

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