New World: How Solo Players do their best builds

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Posted by TomRiva from the Agriculture category at 06 Feb 2023 01:06:51 am.
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New World is unique among MMORPGs, especially in single player, in that players build their unique classes from the ground up using talent builds and gear sets, rather than making choices during the initial character creation process. New World has a strong survivalist angle, making it easy to level up in the wilderness without having to party.
How to build a characterCombining character builds can be overwhelming for many players, and no matter what form a character build may take later in the game, here are some attributes, skills, and professions that should be prioritized.
HerbalistAttributes. Intelligence is the main attribute for harvesting skills. It provides characters with better harvest rates and higher yields.
Profession. Possibilities are limited only by the kind of resources collected. Hemp and other plants produce clothing textiles for armorers, while plants and herbs are used to craft arcanist potions and elixirs.
arms. Since this requires a higher Intelligence score, consider weapons that also use this stat, such as muskets or rapiers.

AttributesPlayers should start with Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, etc. The attributes of the new world are the beginning of each course. For those Solo Players, these are important factors in their growth.
strength. The higher the attribute, the greater the melee damage, so for hunters, strength is very important. It also increases the speed and output of the mining skill.
dexterity. Those who use weapons such as bows or spears should focus on this attribute. It also increases the peeling speed.
constitution. Not for weapons, but for more health, which is something to consider if a character is going on an adventure alone.

Trade SkillsCooking. It's not the kind of game where characters go hungry, but being able to cook food for extra buffs and health is helpful. Solo players need to take advantage of any self-healing options available to them.
Fishing. That lake, stream, or shoreline can have anything, not always fish, although there is plenty of big and rare fish that are worth it anyway. Resources, items, and even gear can be obtained by fishing, so having this skill is worth having no matter what your final choice of class is.
reward. Make sure you have a scythe equipped, and start harvesting a variety of versatile plants, herbs, and fibers.

Camping. Not all solo players retreat into the wilderness and avoid human companionship and settlements, but if they choose to do so, it's important to upgrade your camping skills. Higher level camps allow players to craft simple weapons, cook better food, and even make basic potions and tinctures.
The Survivalist BuildsSurvivalist buildings are a common choice for those who venture to the wilds of Aeternum for isolation and self-improvement rather than profit or risk. These characters can have detailed backstories, honing crafts or skills that can only be practiced in isolation, or they can have simple motivations, such as extreme introversion.
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