These are our predictions to the FIFA 23

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His speed, speed of passing and physical skill can make him a force be faced with. The sky's the limit for Sandro Tonali. His fans hope that he'll be able to fulfill his potential and become one of the most renowned DMs ever.

In spite of their financial issues it's clear that Barcelona has managed to create a very competent team. The team is filled of expertise and depth including Frank Kessie being a pretty great DM in the team.

His physical and defensive skills are incredible, with the rest of his stats being impressive too. That's all it takes to say, any team that is in need of a good DM will be well-served with the presence of Kessie on the team.

Declan Rice has shot up the ranks to become one of the top English DMs in the current time. It's not difficult to understand why West Ham is unwilling to let this player go, regardless of the efforts of several top teams.

Manchester City didn't let off the brakes this week, running out 4-0 winners over Southampton. Erling Haaland could only net once during the match, and fell short of the extremely high standards that he's set up in the last few weeks. A brave performance from Dortmund came back from 2-0 down to beat serial Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, with two players in particular potentially worth being included for the squad Of The Week. Here's our prediction for the starting line-up for the FIFA 23 TOTW 4.

These are our predictions to the FIFA 23 totw 4 beginning XI. With Foden not playing last week It would make sense to have him on the team this time round, considering the way he's maintained his excellent run of performances. If Schlotterbeck gets with a unique card and wins, then his OTW also gets an upgrade. If you're seeking a quick solution to gain special cards, we've got solutions for the Advanced, Around The World and the puzzle master SBCs, all of which provide you with rare packs on success.
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