Boob dreams

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The breastfeeding dream represents motherhood, nurture, and infantile dependency. Perhaps you are planning about getting pregnant or have become a mother recently.

Breast Milk Leaking
Dreaming about your breast milk leaking indicates that you feel giving more than you are receiving.

Breast Bleeding
To dream about breast bleeding with blood suggests exhaustion from being a parent or a nurturing role in your life.

Kissing Breast
Kissing the breast in the dream suggests a new flow of sexual feelings. It suggests that you have started a new romantic relationship recently.

Touching Breast
Dreams about touch someone’s breast suggests that you might be ready to move your relationship to the next level.

Boob dreams

Dream About Appearances Of Breast
Breasts Exposed
Seeing naked breasts can denote a feeling of exposure and invasion of privacy.

Small Breast
If the boobs are small in your dream, you may experience hard times, such as financial setbacks and illnesses.

Large Breast
The dream featuring large breasts suggests that you have a deep desire for either sexual passion or a mother’s love. It could also suggest good fortune and profitable ventures.

Three Breasts or Extra Breast
Dreaming about an extra breast or three breasts suggests that you might be overcompensating materialistically to replace your nurturing love.

Hairy Breast
Hairy boobs in a dream foretell the future holds much joy; you will live a long, healthy life.

Saggy Breast
Saggy breasts in dreams that the prime has passed. Perhaps you have lost your opportunity to nurture and succeed with your business plan.

One Breast Bigger than Another
It indicates a lack of satisfaction or imbalance in your sex life.

Missing or No Breast
Dreaming that one of your breasts is missing implies that you are feeling undesirable.

Dream About Other Breast Related Events
Breast Lump or Breast Cancer Tumor
Breast cancer in dreams suggests negative issues revolving around your nourishing side and how you look at yourself as a woman. Perhaps you have low confidence and feed yourself self-defeating messages.

Breast Implants or Augmentation
Dreaming about getting a breast implant or augmentation suggests that you are not happy with your feminine figure or side. Perhaps you want to be more nurturing in nature. It also suggests a lack of self-confidence.

Breast Reduction
Getting surgery in the dream for breast reduction indicates that you want to transform yourself into how people look at you. It can also suggest that the responsibility of being a mother is too much to handle.

Breast Pump
To see or use a breast pump in your dream suggest your ability to nurture and give love.

Many times I’ve dreamed I had large breasts like a woman, larger than average size for a grown woman. I felt so good a be like that, I could see down at my chest, large women’s breasts and I was proud of it. In the dreams I wore bras for the same reasons women wear them, and also saw myself without a shirt, but was wearing a black sports bra. Wearing a bra seemed like a normal thing for me to wear. Also in one of the dreams I remember I was by a lake swimming at night by myself, I was wearing a white string bikini. But in that specific location there’s no lake, it’s a cornfield. In these dreams, things women wear on their breasts were the only women’s clothes I ever wore, such as bras, or bikinis. In real life, I have never cross dressed, nor have I ever had any inclination to do so. Also in real life, I’m really only attracted to large breasted women. Girls who have flat chests or small boobs really don’t turn me on. I simply have very little taste for them. All of my x’s had fairly big ones. So many times I dreamed I had large boobs like a woman. Recently I dreamed I was trying on a jacket and saw myself in the mirror have large woman’s boobs. In the dream I felt comfortable with that appearance.
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