Furnished Short Term 02 Room Flats Rentals In Dhaka

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A serviced apartment provides the comfort of facilities and amenities with the privacy, additional room, and adaptability of a living room and kitchen.You can prepare food, eat it, relax, and chill out in serviced apartments. Perfect whether you're traveling as a couple, family, or group to explore an amazing location at your own pace. Due to work-related obligations, many individuals must travel for days, weeks, or even months.

Is Short-Term Rental The Right Decision For Your Next Vacation?
People who don't wish to rent a place on a long-term basis can use short-term rental services. The most frequent tenants of short-term rentals are tourists, so lease terms can range between a few days to several months; some are for as much as a month. Since tourists are the most frequent users of short-term rental, lease terms might be as short as a few nights or as long as a month. A rental that is for a brief time is one that is for less than 6 months.

Potential Guests Have More Freedom When Staying In Short-Term Rental

1. Yes, while staying inside a studio or serviced flat there should be freedom to live. In our serviced apartment there are no long-term commitments required.

2. You can choose any living procedure and after staying you can also book more days for living but have to inform us 15 days ago.

3. You can explore the location at your leisure, our short-term rental apartments give visitors a more engaging experience.

Learn Why Vacation Rentals Are A Great Alternative For Tourists
Serviced flats provide greater flexibility and cost effectiveness for brief stays. Compared to a hotel with the same standard, visitors will also profit from discounts of 10% to 30% for longer stays or when families and friends are traveling together. A market that is expanding quickly is serviced apartments. There are several benefits to this type of staying, especially when compared to other lodging options like hotels, rented apartments, and shared apartments. Therefore, why not try it the next time?

Superior Levels Of Comfort

1. Serviced apartments
are furnished with a kitchen or kitchenette and a sitting area with a sofa and a desk, whereas shared flats and hotels frequently just have one compact room available.

2. Space is a serviced apartment's key perk. You will have a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living space in addition to the bedroom.

3. You can prepare food, host family and friends, or simply unwind on the couch.

4. You can also reserve flats with two bedrooms, enabling people to share a room while maintaining your privacy.

5. You have the option to stay in or go out to eat when you want to eat in a comfortable place without thinking about what you should wear, kids running about, or feeling miserable about dining alone.

Living Inside A Serviced Apartment Are Better Than Hotel

The pricing per night will reduce the more time you spend in a serviced flat. When compared to hotels with comparable standards, extended stays might result in savings of up to 50%. Additionally, there are no extra expenses like brokerage and security fees, repairs, or energy bills. Serviced apartments thus have a strong benefit over rental and shared units.


1. How Long Is It Possible To Reside In An Apartment?
The flats are ideal for lengthy visits, which typically last at least a year. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are residences in residential and commercial construction that are always furnished. They may be utilized for both short- and long-term stays.

2. Is A Studio Apartment Shareable By Two People?
An additional person may live with you in a studio unit.A studio apartment typically allows for the participation of a partner. A studio apartment is considered to be a single unit with a bed as most occupancy standards state that a bedroom will support two people.
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