How to deal with unmanned aerial vehicles in illegal flight?

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 18 Jan 2023 01:32:00 am.
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Cases of drones being used for voyeurism are incredibly common, with a few well-documented cases highlighting just how disturbing drones can be in the wrong hands. In recent years, traditional security system protection is mainly aimed at ground threats, resulting in increasingly prominent threats and harassment from air targets. For drones that are in an illegal flying state, they need to be reversed through detection and identification technology. At present, the drone jammer mainly adopts four countermeasures. The use of launchers to catapult nets is more common, but this method has a limited range for drones.
With public safety and national security on the line, it really was only a matter of time before anti-drone technology was developed. Here, as a professional manufacturer of wireless signal jammers, we first express our position: if we want to use the wireless signal jammers produced by our company for illegal activities or non-goodwill purposes, we firmly oppose and refuse to sell them. Recently, They want to buy a suitable wireless signal jammer from us. The purpose is also very clear, that is, it is used to block surveillance cameras. The data transmission of surveillance cameras is divided into the wired transmission and wireless transmission, and what the wireless signal jammer can achieve is to shield the surveillance cameras from the wireless transmission mode.
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Therefore, when some customers ask us about wireless signal jammers, through questions about some actual use purposes and functional requirements, the customer's reply is obviously slow or deliberately concealed, and we will soon be vigilant about this. The Centre on Monday said the use of cellular signal jammer, gps blocker or other signal jamming device is illegal, except specifically permitted by the government, warning e-commerce platforms against illegally selling such wireless mobile signal jammer online. Although the pilot responsible for the drone was only flying for fun and claimed to have lost control of it, the incident opened the national consciousness to the dangers of drone use.
By realizing navigation signal interference, the interference of drones can be blocked.No-fly zone, home point deception, route deception, etc.can be achieved through satellite positioning signal decoys. Interference blocking class Jammer interference: It can effectively block the communication between the drone and the console, cut off the remote control signal, data transmission and image transmission signal of the drone, so that the drone enters a self-protection state after the signal is lost, so it can achieve forced landing or driving.
In fact, it is necessary to distinguish the working mode of the surveillance camera. Cellular networks are a way of long-distance communication without the use of cables, this system is a modern style of communication that was previously communicated using a landline-based telephone. This event proved just how drones can be when used to breach security, as they are too small to be detected by standard radar equipment. After all, the lawn where the drone was recovered was the same lawn where the presidential helicopter lands. Without security measures, it would have been easy to mount an attack using the drone.
It is precisely because the purpose of some individuals using wireless signal jammers is not simple, and they do not understand the technical parameters of the surveillance cameras that need to be shielded, so we will not do targeted cooperation for such needs, and it is reasonable to directly refuse. They have also interfered with emergency response operations, caused delays of commercial flights, and used to smuggle contraband into correctional facilities. Countermeasures against illegally operating drones Alarmed at its open online sale, the department warned all e-commerce companies from selling or facilitating the sale of wireless jammers on their online platforms, stressing that private sector organizations or individuals cannot procure and use jammers in India.
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