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In Bangladesh, Dhaka and major cities across the nation, there has been a significant rise in demand for studio flats over time. People's expectations for housing in the city's central area that is surrounded by a modernized social environment have changed their paradigm. It goes without saying that the majority of people now choose a stress-free living, which is why a studio flat is becoming increasingly popular.

Studio Rentals Are The Ideal Option For Your Accommodation Needs
A studio apartment often is composed of a single, spacious room that includes a bedroom, living room, and eating area. It also contains an attached bathroom and a small kitchenette. The idea of studio flats has been successfully replicated in other nations and has gained popularity with young professionals and learners who choose to pursue their studies abroad. The rental society has benefited from the idea as well.

The Merits Of Choosing A Serviced Apartment For Tenants

There are many benefits to choosing flats over various other types of accommodation, including:

1. Space

Vacation rentals frequently offer guests a lot of space, including areas for resting, working, cooking, and unwinding.

2. Amenities
As either a "temporary home," we provide private cooking rooms and, frequently, laundry facilities. Usually, guests are given a suitable workspace, such as a desk or table, so they do not need to use a computer in bed.

3. Flexibility
Serviced apartments also give guests freedom and autonomy because they allow them to set their own calendars and arrive and depart whenever they want.

4. Employee Support
Visitors will have recourse to services like cleaning, security, and staffed service during their stay, similar to those provided in hotels.

Additionally, serviced apartments are typically less expensive than other hotel options, especially for vacations that last a while.

Apartments With Full Furnishings Are Value For Living
Undoubtedly, renting an apartment is a good investment. Having larger hotels makes them more livable, especially if you intend to live there for a long period of time. Additionally, you can save money during your stay by cooking in their fully furnished kitchen.

Know Another Facilities Available In Studio Apartment

1. Grocery Shop, BBQ corner
2. Swimming Pool,Theatre room,
3. Gym with 24/7 and Jogging track
4. Daily Room & Bathroom Cleaning
5. Multi-purpose Hall Room With Full AC
6. Steam Bath, Thermal massager
7. Landscape With Sitting Arrangement

3 Things You Need To Avoid When Renting a Serviced Apartment

You want your accommodation to be the best possible while you are on vacation. You searched far and wide before discovering your ideal apartment. Today, we'll look at the eight pitfalls to watch out for while selecting a serviced apartment.

1. Apartments Beyond Your Budget
One of the most essential considerations when selecting a serviced apartment is budget.
Plan ahead, create a budget that includes the accommodations you'll need, and conduct some research beforehand to make sure your expectations are reasonable.

2. Flats that Lack Your Desired Comforts
The fact that serviced apartments are more affordable and offer excellent in-unit facilities is one of factors why individuals prefer them to hotels. Therefore, confirm that now the apartment you select will have space for you.

3. Lack Of The Necessary Amenities & Facilities In An Apartments
Make sure that apartment meets your expectations if there are any specific features you have in mind for your stay. For instance, modern apartments frequently feature hot tubs and pools, but some older buildings might not.

Seeking A Studio Flat With Everything You Need?
The security deposit will be more for an apartment that is fully furnished, but that does not mean you can't acquire the apartment of your dreams. What if we informed you that your security deposit is no longer required? Visit our website to find out more information about our luxury apartment rent.


1. How Many Varied Sorts Of Apartments Are There?
We have 1 Bedroom, 2 Room apartment, 2 Bedroom Apartment. These apartments are perfect for multi-occupancy, including teamwork and students, as well as for families.

2. What Choices Are There For Visitors Who Are Disabled?
You have to talk with one of our marketing team, who would also conduct a search tailored to your specific needs. We advise you to confirm with that the flat will be appropriate for you or for your visitor before completing your booking.

Contact For Booking:

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Location: JCX TOWER, 1136/A, Block-I, Level 5
Japan Street, Bashundhara R/A


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