Top Tractor Companies in India- Khetigaadi 2023

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Mahindra and Mahindra-
Mahindra is India's one and only tractor manufacturing company. J. C. Mahindra, K. C. Mahindra, and Malik Ghulam Muhammad were the names of Mahindra's founders. Mahindra and Mahindra were established as Muhammad and Mahindra, then, in 1948, they were changed to Mahindra and Mahindra. The largest enterprise in the field of farming is the $19 billion Farm Equipment Sector.
Mahindra & Mahindra produces the best agricultural equipment and farm tools. In many Indian states, including Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, and other regions, the company saw an increase in sales and production of tractors.
The most popular tractor models of Mahindra brands are Mahindra 575 DI, Mahindra 475 DI, Mahindra 275 DI Eco, and so on. Click here to get information about Mahindra tractors.


Swaraj is the second-highest tractor brand in India and has won the Deming prize award. The products of the company are loaded with extra advanced features to ensure the firm's high productivity. Swaraj tractors are most popular among Indian farmers. Swaraj has been one of the most successful tractor brands. Even with best-in-class Tractor Specifications, the Swaraj tractor price is fair and makes it very affordable for Indian farmers. The price range of swaraj tractors is 2.60 Lakh, and the mini tractor series price range is Rs 4 Lac to 5.50 Lac.
Swaraj Tractor Company manufactures high-quality products. Swaraj is always concerned with the comfort of its customers. This Tractor has superior features such as lower fuel consumption, durability, and lifting capacity. Swaraj tractor models are available at reasonable prices in the Indian market. Farmers across the country can afford and justify the Swaraj Tractor price. All Swaraj Tractor models deliver effective and efficient field performance. The most popular swaraj tractor models are Swaraj 744, Swaraj 855, Swaraj 735, and Swaraj 963.

Massey Ferguson Tractor:
Daniel Massey founded the Massey Ferguson Company in 1847. Daniel Massey was a farmer and manufacturer of agricultural equipment. It is a well-established company that provides agricultural equipment for the development of the agriculture industry. The company consistently provides high-quality products that perform well on the field.
Massey offers a world-class selection of agricultural equipment. Best-in-class customer service is provided by a 24x7 MF service centre. In the fields, the MF Tractor gets excellent mileage. Farmers prefer to purchase Massey Ferguson Tractors because they are affordable and cost-effective. The starting price of this tractor is 4.70 Lac. The most popular tractor models of Massey are Massey 241, Massey Ferguson 1035, Massey Ferguson 9500 and so on.

FAQ About Tractor Companies in India-
Question: What are the most popular tractor companies in India?
Answer: The most popular tractor companies in India are Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Swaraj, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, and so on.
Question: Which is the most popular tractor model from Mahindra Tractor?
Answer: The Mahindra 575 DI, Mahindra 275 DI Eco, Mahindra 475 DI, and so on.
Question: What is the price range of Swaraj tractors?
Answer: The price range of Swaraj tractors is from 4 lacs to 5.50 lacs
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