Benefits of Buying Sailing Yachts from a Yacht Broker

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Posted by Westcoastint from the Travel category at 11 Jan 2023 12:44:07 pm.
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Many people looking to buy a yacht have previously experienced renting a boat in a lake or for a river cruise and then progressed to the open sea with a larger sailboat or yacht and then the sailing bug has really bitten. However, often when chartering the boats available can be older and outdated vessels which are not quite as luxury as you desire.

For those that have really enjoyed sailing, the urge to own even a basic yacht may be the next step. After all, owning your own sailing yacht guarantees the flexibility and availability that chartering does not. As such, many people who have chartered yachts in the past often investigate the ownership prospects of purchasing new vessels or even previously owned yachts so that they can take their dream to the next level.

The significant expenditures associated with owning a yacht are sometimes the main drawback to taking this step into owning your own yacht. Many yacht owners overlook other expenses such as slip fees, bank charges, maintenance, insurance, fuel, haul-outs, and numerous other costs, even if they have the means to make the needed down payment on the yacht itself, so it is important to understand the extra costs involved in owning a yacht that you wouldn’t otherwise have to pay if you are only chartering.

A yacht owner who owns a high-end vessel, may realise that they are spending thousands of dollars per month for a vessel that they only use a handful of times each year. Finding a less costly yacht is a possibility, but the fees you will pay no matter which yacht you choose won't change much in terms of the overall price tag.

When you buy sailboats from West Coast International, we will advise you of all the costs you need to consider. Here are some advantages of buying a sailing yacht for sale from West Coast International.

Cost Control
A yacht management company, such as West Coast International, will use cost control management to ensure that the yacht purchase includes only what is needed and avoids unnecessary spending. For example, we can advise on buying spare parts in quantity to keep prices down, and negotiating savings with vendors is also another way to reduce costs.

Crew sourcing, employment, and yacht management
Our team can help and advice on crew management and help in appointing the ideal crew members to the vessel you are purchasing.

Technical expertise
Technical support management includes all aspects of a yacht that allow it to function safely. These aspects include maintenance, repairs, routine services, and purchasing equipment and spares from vendors.

All yachts are required to follow security and safety procedures. Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency assistance.
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