Kabuto puzzle crystal

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Posted by aava from the General category at 10 Jan 2023 08:42:47 am.
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To get the three starting pokemons in the glass without gameshark or link connect: after they give you the pokegear and you go to the prof. elm, it gives you to pick the three beginning pokemons, YOU Need TO SAVE, this is significant, since, in such a case that you don't do it the stunt doesn't work. well subsequent to saving anyone, then you go to mr. pokemon to give you the baffling egg and return to where prof. Elm gets it and the associate gives you the pokeballs. then, at that point, you go to the grass and catch any pokemon and go to the principal city, you go to the pokemon focus and open the bill pc, done this store the pokemon that the prof gave you. elm in the container No. 1.
Kabuto puzzle crystal
Then, at that point, change the crate and when you say precisely SAVING ... Try not to Mood killer THE Control center. soon after the end point in consola. YOU TURN IT OFF (it should be there as soon as humanly possible on the off chance that it doesn't, it doesn't work). then you will be toward the start where you saved the initial time and rehash the entire cycle again.NOTE: THE Jabs YOU SAVED WILL BE KEPT IN BOX 1.
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UNOWN Secret + Stunts
For this stunt we want an escaping rope a pokemon that sepaflash a water stone and will have ho-gracious in our group we start in the cavern we do the kabuto puzzle and an opening will open we will go into it and we will see a message that expresses get away from through rationale we use rope we enter the cavern once more and an opening will open and we will find four items and a message once we will track down one more opening with an aerodacty puzzle and again another four and we will find a composing that says we will light the pokemon that has a glimmer and another opening will be opened and one more message will come into a room with four articles and another composing that says water,we utilize the water stone and again another opening that has a riddle of easing up, then, at that point, a message will show up, then, at that point, there will seem a room that has four articles, a riddle of goodness gracious and a composing that says today, we show you our pokemon and the last office of the cavern that opens the last message will open and this closures the unbidden message and this finishes we recover in excess of 12 articles and a message from the animal types
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