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It is a daunting task of battling a formidable enemy is worth it. In the end, defeating these world champions can bring amazing loot. Also, you'll get the treasure map, epic trinkets, as well as other things such as materials experience, and currency.

Lost Ark has almost 20 of the world's bosses, however, these bosses continue increasing with each new update. But, in this guide, we will specifically discuss how to find and defeat that Lost Ark Tarmakum boss. While you're there you can read our article on Lost Ark Vertus Pet.

How To Find Tarmakum in Lost Ark

There are some tasks that you must complete before you can meet your ultimate adversary Tarmakum. There's a Factory inside a secret base located in a hidden region within the Ocean. Additionally, the title of the hidden location is Facility X-301, to access this facility, you will need be on a boat and travel through the Spectrum Ocean.

There are numerous side tasks that you must complete before you complete the main quest. While you are at it stop and read our guide about Best Lost Ark Mounts.

After that, there's an NPC that is called Ronika located in Facility X301. after reaching the facility you need to talk to Ronika. Her location is near the southeast and she'll be waiting for you at the location. After you've met Ronika you will know about Lost Ark Tarmakum Location.

But, before you get the chance to speak to her, you will have to take on any mobs blocking your path. After defeating the enemies, you can speak with Ronika.

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