In the game you'll be using this power

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If you've got half-red and half-black it will produce equal amounts of both, but if you skew heavily toward red, that will generate much faster than black. Your deck also feeds into the loot grinder, as enemies drop shards may be utilized to upgrade your deck.

The deck customization options are in addition to class loadouts like GeoMancer or Mind Mage, which come with their own passive buffs. Additionally, you'll get access to summon points, which can be used to purchase feet soldiers or lesser (but very powerful) monsters.

In the game you'll be using this power to face enemies determined by a smart AI director, which will respond to your skill and performance, keeping the difficulty ebbing and flowing smoothly. It is possible to take on full-on mission-based missions, or less intense "Ordeals" that offer a quick 10-minute loot loop. Additionally, you can engage with your fellow players in three-way PvP battles.

Magic: Legends is coming from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World and you can sign up to play the beta through the official site.

One larger change Blizzard says came about after "careful evaluation" and is sure to make the hoarders of loot happy: The game's shared stash has increased by one tab to three.

"When it concerns a player's personal storage box it's a an important matter," Blizzard writes. "This change will enable players to organize their belongings across three tabs (100 slots each) of storage space. It will also allow players to store more items."
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