Things to know before plan Shimla Manali tour from Bangalore

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Shimla and Manali are the famous hill stations for their natural beauty. These hill stations also attracts thousands of tourists every year towards it. There are many sites in these both hill stations that make them very famous. You should make a perfect plan before your visit to these places. There are also many tour firms that offers easy deals to visit Shimla Manali. You can get your Shimla Manali tour packages from Bangalore to visit here. These deals comfy with an affordable rate. Moreover, the Shimla Manali tour from Bangalore will offers many things to explore with nature.
Transport to choose

It is really far from Bangalore to Shimla with a distance of around 2500 kms. Therefore, you must take a flight to reach Shimla or any nearby station. The flight will also save time to explore places of Shimla and Manali. You can also book your flight to Chandigarh airport. There will be many options of transport to reach Shimla and Manali. The road trip will offer you scenic sights of mountains, valleys and chill winds. Moreover, you can rent a private car or travel by buses here between cities.

Best time to visit

Shimla and Manali are the hill stations that are between mountains. Therefore, the weather remains pleasant here throughout the year. You will also find snowfall in winter seasons in these hill stations. The months of March to June are the peak seasons to visit here. You will find pleasing climate in these months here. It is also the best to satisfy your curiosity and engage in sightseeing. Moreover, you can enjoy sports like Paragliding and Trekking here. The months from December to February are the season for heavy snowfall.

Places of Shimla

Shimla is the town that has many sites to visit and explore. It is the hill stations that is full of nature and its beauty. You can visit temples, old artworks, scenic sights, and enjoy sports and shopping markets here. There is a Ridge in the centre of Shimla, famous for church and markets. This place also offers scenic views of the valleys of Shimla. There is also a Jakhoo temple of Lord Hanuman on the Jakhoo hills. Moreover, you can visit Kufri, Chadwick waterfall, green valleys and Christ church here.

Places to visit in Manali

Manali has so many places to visit and explore the beauty of nature. You will find the most scenic sights in this hill station. It is a place with gorgeous temples, high mountain pass, valleys glaciers and thrill sports. There is a famous and oldest Hidimba Devi temple which attracts many tourists. This temple is also known for serene surrounding, old artwork and peaceful vibes. Moreover, you can visit Solang valley to indulge in sports such as Skiing and Paragliding. There are also Rohtang pass, hot water springs and parks to visit.


A perfect plan before your visit to Shimla and Manali will be very helpful. These above voiced are the points that will help you to plan your trip. Moreover, the places of Shimla and Manali are bound to give you joy and peace. You will certainly enjoy your visit to the scenic places of these hill stations.
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