How to choose filter cloth for chamber filter press

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Posted by Kintep from the Shopping category at 04 Jan 2023 06:18:41 am.
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Filter cloth is a very important part of the chamber filter press. According to different models, the matching of filter cloth is also different, so how do we choose the right filter cloth for the chamber filter press?
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1. First, it is necessary to clarify the materials that need to be filtered, and determine the material of the filter cloth according to different materials.
2. In production, the filtration precision should be clarified, and the filter cloth with appropriate permeability should be selected according to the filtration precision. Although the filter cloth plays a very important role in the initial filtration accuracy of the chamber filter press, the initial filtration accuracy is not as high as possible. It is necessary to consider that the filtration accuracy can meet the lower requirements. After the chamber filter press forms a filter layer after filtration for a period of time, the retention effect of the filter cloth is very small, and the "filter layer" really plays the role of fine filtering.
3. The peeling performance of the filter cake. When choosing a filter cloth, special attention should be paid to the peeling properties of the filter cake. The surface of the filter cloth is smooth and flat, the filter cake is peeled off quickly, the filtering operation time is short, and the efficiency is high. The filter cake adheres to the filter cloth and is not easy to peel off, which will prolong the operation time of the chamber filter press and reduce the work efficiency. It will take longer to replace the filter cloth.
4. Material filtration experiment. The chamber filter press needs continuous experiments when it is used. It is very important to filter the raw materials after the initial selection of the filter cloth. A small sample experiment was carried out on the material filtration, the filtration rate of the filter cloth, the retention effect, the moisture content of the filter cake, the performance of unloading the cake, and the regeneration performance investigated.
5. The regeneration performance of filter cloth. When choosing a filter cloth, you should also pay attention to choosing a filter cloth with good regeneration performance. The filter cloth with good regeneration performance can be washed directly on the chamber filter press to reduce the number of cloth changes. After simple treatment of the replaced filter cloth, the filtration efficiency can be restored to more than 80%.
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