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Kashmir has the alluring scenery of the valleys. Therefore, it is also known as the heaven on earth due to the beauty. The places of Kashmir offers sights of nature, tasty food and many thrill sports. This one for everyone place has many things to offers its tourists. There are many tour firms that provide comfy deals to visit Kashmir. You can get your Kashmir tour package from Kerala to visit places. These comfy deals are very easy to use and you can rely on them. Moreover, the Kashmir tour from Kerala will allow you to enjoy many things.

Shikara ride in Dal lake

Shikara is the most famous wooden houseboat in Kashmir. These boats float on the gorgeous Dal lake of Kashmir. The Dal and Nagin lakes have the best waters to enjoy soothing ride of Shikara. Moreover, the true beauty of Dal lake can be explored through the boat ride. You will certainly enjoy floating in blue water with the surroundings of snow draped mountains. There are also markets that offers various tradition of Kashmiri lifestyle. You will also enjoy the boat ride covered in the variety of flowers.

Gondola ride at Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a gorgeous place to visit in Kashmir. You can enjoy views of serene lakes and majestic mountains covered in snow here. The Gondola ride is the most famous and thrill sport to enjoy here. You will enjoy the views of high peaks and lakes from up above the sky. The Gondolas are the official cable cars of Kashmir. It is also the highest operating cable car of the world. Moreover, the ride will take you in the sky to offer the view of birds.

Shalimar Bagh with its beauty

Shalimar Bagh is a Mughal garden in Srinagar. It was built by the Mughal emperor Jahangir in the 1916 AD. This garden is connected to the famous Dal lake on the right side. The three terraced garden is graced by the lush green carpet of grass. Moreover, there are around 400 fountains in its premises. You will also witness the high peaks of Himalayan ranges in the background. The garden is also known for Chini Khanas, which is the beauty of this place. Therefore, a visit to this park will certainly give you joy.

Chadar lake Trek

A trip to Chadar lake will give you sights like movies. The Trek to this lake is also one of the toughest Trek of India. Therefore, a Trek to this lake is a must do thing here. The beauty of this lake will certainly make you fall in love with nature. The Trek is over the Zanskar river, that stays frozen in winter season. Moreover, the Trek will take you through the hardest and sensitive areas. This Trek is also at a height of around 11000 feet above the sea level.


Kashmir is the only place that offers superior beauty of nature. The places of Kashmir offers scenic sights, high mountains, gardens, glaciers and lakes. The above voiced are the top sights that you can enjoy in Kashmir. These places of Kashmir and the things that they offers are the best to experience. You will also get to enjoy many thrill sports in the valleys of Kashmir. Moreover, the beauty of these places will certainly take your breath away.
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