Diablo is primarily played by the ability

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Beyond this, Blizzard has added heavy modifications to controllers along with a lengthy list of bindable actions available for mouse and keyboard setups, brand new abilities that are bindable and neutral, like interact and twelve bindable keys that allow for actions and skills for assigning skills in a specific way.

Diablo: Resurrected gameplay options

"Diablo is primarily played by the ability to pick up and hold objects and clicking on them repeatedly," design and UX accessibility lead Drew McCrory explained. "We recognize that holding for long periods as well as repetitive actions can be a huge barrier for some players, so we've included quality of life features to help mitigate the strain caused by a lot activities. We've also added numerous controller functions to continuously start when the button is held for players who can't repeatedly tap their buttons in a hurry."

Diablo: Resurrected audio options

On the audio aspect Diablo Resurrected permits players to add sound channels to their game and cut out sounds that aren't essential to them. Sliders for voice sound effects, UI cues Monster hit impacts, weapons sounds, ambient objects as well as combat gore and much more, can be changed. Blizzard claimed that additional accessibility features are in development prior to the game's scheduled release. Diablo: Resurrected preorders for PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4. and PS5 are available and provide the chance to participate in an early access beta on all platforms, except for Switch.

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